I’ve got enough interesting things to warrant a second update for the day. Especially since one of them could turn out to be big news.

Let’s start with that. Sarah just sent me this.


Jun 21st, 2006 @ 2pm

Just saw Natalie Portman and Macaulay Culkin having lunch together in the west Village on Carmine & Bedford. They looked very friendly very into the conversation, they were all smiles. She is gorgeous with her new blonde do!

Courtesy of Gawker Stalker.

Her what?!?! I can’t picture that looking too great with the length its currently at. Anyway, take that bit of news with a big grain of salt but if the next pics show that Nat has gone blonde, you heard it here first.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Blueberry Nights has already started filming. Thanks to Hopey for that news.

Paris Je T’aime opened in Paris today and our very own Melody went to see it. She had this to say:

I’ve just seen Paris je t’aime… What can i say? I cried during the Tykwer segment. I had read the script so i wasn’t very surprised but it was fucking awesome. One of the 2 best ones (with the Alexander Payne one). Natalie looks gorgeous. But it seemed to be like the shortest one probably cause everything is in fast forward. This story needs to be told in a long feature film!

And some comments from an ICQ chat.

Natalie is so fucking awesome in pjt!
Very natural, very cool, lots of cool outfits.
It’s like the movie a fan would have made…like a fan frustrated with her other movies who writes exactly the situatios he wants to see her in.

I’m so jealous.