almost time

Hi again

Here are the few things that I didn’t get around to earlier.

Béa has a nice little Paris Je T’aime story and a link to some music from the film.

So, I was at the Premiere of PJTM in Paris (19/06). There were the producer Claudie Ossard, some directors and actor Melchior Belson, who played with Nat. He spoke about his experience and at a certain point Claudie Ossard said “and he played with Natalie Portman!”. There was a “wouah, great !” from the audience, and Melchior said (joking): “But that is not why I made this film” *laughs* “It (Natalie’s presence) was THE surprise”.

All that I can say to you it’s that the short in which Nat plays is one of the most appreciated by the spectators. If you want to have a first impression of the short, you can listen its music One

And finally, here are our results of the last poll:

The Other Boleyn Girl – thoughts?

Nat as a villain? Yes! 55.65% (507 votes)

I don’t have an opinion yet. 22.28% (203 votes)

I have no idea why I picked 5 options for this poll. 14.27% (130 votes)

Historical dramas suck. 4.5% (41 votes)

It’d be great if she wasn’t already doing Goya’s Ghosts. 2.2% (20 votes)

And the new poll is waiting over here.

In a few hours we’ll be announcing our big news. Don’t worry, this isn’t a setup like the one we had for the Sanjiro vs Nat editorial.

See you then.