something for everyone


We’ve got a nice mixture of things today so lets get to it.

If you’re still not sold on the whole Nat as a blonde thing, here is another blog entry, this time from a girl who is to be Nat’s stand in for Blueberry. Surely photographic evidence will follow shortly. Thanks to J.

Brishen, our resident banner maker, decided to whip up a little blonde Nat preview. Nicely done. Also, another big thanks for all the banners you put together.

You guys can look forward to another half dozen banners coming in the next day or 2.

But lets have a poll to see what you think of the new banners.

And here are the results of the Cabaret poll:

Should Nat do Cabaret, even if you won’t ever be able to see it?

Absolutely 48.02% (328 votes)

As long as we get some good writeups and pictures 35.43% (242 votes)

No, missing out on the Seagull and Anne Frank was bad enough 16.55%
(111 votes)

Nat is on the cover of the new Australian Vogue and while the shoot is not new, we could get better versions of some of the smaller pics that we already have. Thanks to Hopey and Emma.

Dak found this interview with Buy magazine that is mix of things we’ve heard a thousand times before and a few original gems like talking about being in Morocco.

And finally, the first bit of Mathilda fanart from Dante.