Enough about me, let’s talk Nat.

Most of you have probably heard by now but in case you haven’t, Scarlett Johansson will be playing Natalie’s sister in The Other Boleyn Girl. So if nothing else, the movie will be very pleasing on the eyes. Check here for one of the many reports. Thanks to Amo.

On the subject of Mr Magorium, Jaina spotted that several sites like Yahoo have the release date as November 30 (limited) but the IMDB has it as sometime in 2007. Hopefully we’ll know for sure soon but if I was a betting man…I don’t think we’ll see it this year.

Back to the rubiks cube of a relationship between Nat and Gael.

Roselynn sent me this article, which confirms that Nat was in Argentina but that Gael might soon be marrying Dolores.

It states that Gael is happy with a woman named Dolores Fonzi. He met her in 2001 where they worker together. And that their may be plans of a soon to be wedding.
It also says that they are working out their relationship on many levels, and the one thing that they have most trouble is is the subject of their relationships.
And that a key problem that Dolores has had with Gael is the subject of Natalie.
Natalie has been in Argentina where she has been seen with Gael, she has no work planed in Southern American which only speculates that it is for a personal matter.

And then I was mailed by someone who says he shares a mutual friend with Gael and that he’s heard that Nat and him are back together and that they’ve been seen in Mexico together.

And Ignacio says that Nat and Gael were seen yesterday, walking together in central Buenos Aires.

Salt. Salt. Salt.

Please can we have some real news!!!

And finally, Kris was proud to tell me that this Swedish tabloid has a poll about “who would you date?” and Natalie was beating out the likes of Lohan and Britney. Way to go swedes.