throw them back?


I’m not holding out on you guys. Things are just very quiet since the South American Smack Down. Here’s hoping for some nice juicy film news this week.

I can promise a new poll tomorrow and hopefully a new np.comic as well.

Anyway, lets get to todays tiny morsels.

Laura Barnaes found a couple tiny pics from May 26. The event in question was “Danny A Birthday party hosted by PAMA Pomegrante Liqueur”.

Devan found a pretty cool interview with Natalie and Joel Silver about the upcoming V for Vendetta DVD release. At first I thought it would just be a rehash of one of the articles from earlier in the year but its got just enough new quotes to make it worth checking out.

And finally, Lurking found a Defamer link about Natalie’s former management company.

Seeya tomorrow