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Its been a quiet second half to the week so I don’t have much to take us onto the weekend but I’ll do what I can.

I think its high time for a new editorial. How about something fun? I was thinking of writing up the 10 Nat related things I would put in a time capsule. Articles, movies, pics, interviews…what items would I want some alien (once they’ve ground us into dust) to one day have to get a good idea of Natalie. And then you guys would do the same, of course.

So, lame fanboy crap or best idea ever? You decide in this new poll.

Here are the results of the last poll.

What do you think about the latest Nat pics?

Hot and styling 41.59% (361 votes)

Pretty cool 36.52% (317 votes)

Not too bad 16.24% (141 votes)

I don’t like them at all 5.3% (46 votes)

As positive a response as it gets.

The Duff sisters mentioned Natalie in this interview, which brings the number of positive things about them to a staggering…1.

CS: Are there any actresses that inspire you or whose career you’d like to follow?

Hilary: I love Natalie Portman.
Haylie: Natalie Portman.
Hilary: Rachel McAdams.
Haylie: Mary Louise Parker. Elizabeth Perkins.
Hilary: Diane Lane. I think they’re good. It comes with the whole package. The way that people think that they are, just like the way that they present themselves and the way they dress and the projects that they pick.
Haylie: Sandra Bullock.

Thanks to Amo and Jan.

And finally, some salt shaker worthy gawker sightings. Thanks to m5lover.

natalie spotting from 8/17
Last night I was at the Spotted Pig and Natalie Portman was walking out as i was walking in. It looked like she was with her family. She is so tiny!

from 8/16

Walked by Natalie Portman in the VIP section at the p.s. 1 warm-up today. She is so tiny. Also, I overheard one of the guys she was with say “well, we should be safe here.” Found out later that she had been in the lame vip section before.

Come on you Spurs!