charity is in the air


We’ve got a few nice things to start the week with so lets skip the yap and get to the Nat.

Kicking things off are 3 more pics of Nat in Israel. More specifically, outside a restaurant in Tel Aviv. That’s got to be one of her favourite dresses. A big thanks to Shuku once again.

Click here and here for the other two.

The following site has a report (along with a new pic) about Natalie visiting a hospital in Israel. The site “slaps” Natalie down for it, which is too moronic to even get worked up about. Thanks to Sonoyta.

The article above mentions a fund raiser and Rony sent in a scan from an Israeli magazine that reports on the event. Click here for the translation.

The theme continues with news that the Clothes Off Our Back auction is now open. If any girl gets that Stella McCartney dress, I would recommend not wearing underwear.

We also have a People Magazine article about the auction, including a little quote from Natalie and some kind words about her. Thanks to Lurking.

Thanks to Hank we finally have a nice sized look at that amazing Paris Je T’aime poster. Wow.

Rounding off the news is this newsworthy piece of non news. In a nutshell, Michael Chabon has been asked to stop commenting about the Kavalier and Clay film on his website.

And finally, just once piece of fanart today – this drawing from Kellie.

Ciao for now