ok then


It’s been quiet since saturdays update but I’ll see if I can whip together something for you all.

Later this week we should have that editorial up (I did my list and sent it to the rest of the staff to see if anyone wanted to contribute a list of their own) and a new np.comic. I also *think* I have persuaded Sanjiro to do a weekly column with Omar (the tv section guy) so there might also be some news about that shortly.

Lets begin with the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of the Goyas Ghosts footage?

Promising 38.7% (209 votes)

It looks great 29.07% (157 votes)

Hard to tell 26.85% (145 votes)

I’m not impressed 4.26% (23 votes)

Hopefully we’ll have a full trailer any day now.

And here is the new poll question.

Hopey found a CGI rendering of Natalie that is really interesting and impressive. And if you think thats great, check out the one for Song Hye Kyo.

M5lover found a little article about Natalie being voted the most beautiful actress on Celebopedia.

And finally, Nora sent in some wallpapers.


Wish I had more for you guys but tomorrow is another day.