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By November 9, 2006Site-news


Natalie’s non appearance in Spain is the big talking point of the week, so its only fitting that we do a poll about it. The choices are taken from YOUR comments section conspiracy theories.


And now for the results of the last poll, where you were invited to try and read my mind.

What do you think the new comic will be about?

THAT handbag 25.5% (114 votes)

The touchy feely bodyguard 20.81% (93 votes)

As if he’d tell us 19.24% (86 votes)

Nat-Nat 12.75% (57 votes)

Goya’s Ghosts 11.86% (53 votes)

The Other Boleyn Girl 9.4% (42 votes)

Some of you are right. Most of you are wrong. Hopefully Matt will finish soon and you can see for yourselves.

While Goya is having all kinds of problems obtaining distribution, its nice to see that My Blueberry Nights will be distributed by the Weinsteins in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Source.

Alice sent in a scan from the new Vanity Fair. The feature is called “First Impressions, Fifteen Years of Vanities Discoveries”, and the picture is an oldie but a goodie.

Nora sent in a few caps from that Goya Featurette from earlier in the week.


Papari sent in a Hi Res version of the handbag that Natalie gave to charity. Matt&Nat…hah.

And now for some fanart.

Vivian from China sent in a very nice collage showing the faces of characters that Natalie has played over the years.

Natalie from Russia sent in this nice wallpaper and a few icons.

And finally, a couple of wallpapers from Nora. Click here and here.



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