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I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post the new comic tonight but if not, hopefully tomorrow.

Let’s begin with the results of the last poll.

Why do you think Natalie didn’t go to the Spanish premiere of Goya’s Ghosts?

Too busy shooting Other Boleyn Girl 43.57% (491 votes)

None of the above 22.72% (256 votes)

A falling out with the producers because of the distribution problems 10.91% (123 votes)

Afraid the film would get a bad reception 8.78% (99 votes)

A falling out with Milos Forman 7.45% (84 votes)

Afraid of the paparazzi 5.5% (62 votes)

Well it seems as though 43% of you got it right. I have it on very good authority that Natalie very much wanted to go to the premiere but couldn’t get away because of her Boleyn commitments. A bit of a boring conclusion after all the drama but there you have it. I’m sure we’ll have a new mystery to crack soon enough 😉

You might have noticed that we’ve added a Nat icon (although we know it isn’t showing up in the bookmarks section for Firefox users – we’re working on it), which was created by Scott. I only received two icons, which sorta screwed up the plan to have this big contest. Nevertheless, we’ve put up Scott’s icon but if you prefer the other icon from Denis…

…let me know in this new poll.

And finally, another tabloid sighting of Nat and Gael. This time from Heat Magazine. Thanks to Amo.

Natalie Portman [was] canoodling with Gael Garcia Bernal at the Boy Kill Boy gig at central London’s Astoria, while Scarlett Johansson jumped around and sang along happily beside them.



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