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By November 16, 2006Site-news


Just woke up to these new pics of Natalie attending a performance of Frost/Nixon. Thanks to Roger F, Angela and Jason.

And now for some Hi Res…

I’ll possibly be back with more later.


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  • Lynda says:

    Is that Eric Bana in the background of the first pic? It looks like it.

  • _Anyathe says:

    I’m digging that wrap!

  • felix says:

    WOW. absolutely breathtaking.

  • Amo says:

    i kind of like her shawl, but when the pics are tiny it kind of looks like she’s wrapped one of those “bacon frazzle” corn snacks round her shoulders…

  • lovenat says:

    Accuse me of sexism if you wish but….gorgeous legs.

  • Amo says:

    Just so you know, for when it comes to naming the gallery entry, i’m pretty sure that the performance she attended was a gala-ish event to celebrate the opening night at a new theatre. Which is probably why she looks more or less happy to pose for photos.
    the only thing is, it was supposed to open on the 15th. i can’t see why they’d need to push back the opening night – it is a transfer after all – but this would seem to confirm that it was the 16th: That link confirms that eric bana was there btw, but looks like he didn’t pose with nat, or at all til the afterparty (which she doesn’t seem to have attended)

  • minimaggit says:

    God she looks like young in those pics. Very cute.

  • rafael28 says:

    for a min there i thought the header wrote gael nat

    …for now

  • goya says:

    Yeah !
    I think it is Eric Bana!

  • trini says:

    How many times do I wanna check this site and then see that I was so close to her but didn’t see her?!! I was two roads away!! Oh Nat, why do you taunt me??! I’ve really gotta work on my Nat-dar… oh the woe.

  • JenR1215 says:

    I thought the header when i glanced at it was like a way to pronounce “Goya” lol

    i wish i was right. :'(

    … Man I remember when Nat said that she always avoided wearing high heels, and it seems to be the only thing she wears to events now, lo..

  • fanatical610 says:

    She looks lovely and very graceful as well. She’s got such a great poise about her, a quiet confidence. I adore her.

  • nimbuschick says:

    Aye it is Mr. Bana.

  • Sak says:

    She is so beautiful, so cute, so babyish, …uh my poor vocabulary can’t help me in this.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I’m so tired of seeing her bodyguard.

  • InNatsThrall says:

    Always a vision, a being of exquiste beauty. Not to mention an all around great human being.

  • shadowtrooper says:

    /quote/ :lovenat 2006-11-17 10:27:55
    Accuse me of sexism if you wish but….gorgeous legs.
    /quote ends/

    accuse?of what?saying the truth ?:P