drip drip


*jumps head first into the barrel*

Ok, there are a couple items. The first is the IMDB Starmeter for 2007. Its based on searches for that celebrity on their site. Last year Nat was #9, this year she’s down a place to #10. With the busy year Nat is about to have I predict we’ll see her at #6 this time next year. You know, I think I’m gonna do a predictions for 2007 editorial. Although if I get too many wrong I’ll feel like even more of a moron than usual.

Thanks to Jason for the link.

And the 170 finalists have been chosen in the 2007 Askmen poll. If you like seeing Nat do well in these things, get voting.

Thankfully I’ve got a bit of fanart as well.

Pascal sent in a really cool vector drawing of Natalie.

Alejandra sent in this Star Wars themed pic.

And finally, here are some more avatars from Lost Amo.

Sanjiro will be doing the Christmas update. So far we’ve got very little holiday related fanart. I telepathically told Natalie about this and she telepathically replied that she was in tears.

So pull out your thumbs and get cracking!