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By January 6, 2007Site-news

This is the best weekend for updates in ages.

And we’re not done yet.

If you had problems with the Magorium trailer link you can now get it at youtube. Thanks to Lynda.

I’ve set up a new poll to see what you guys think of the trailer.

And here are the results of the new years poll:

What do you think Natalie did for New Years?

A quiet night with family and friends. 46.87% (344 votes)

Partied it up in India with the cast and crew of Dajeerling Limited. 17.98% (132 votes)

Spent with a significant other. 17.44% (128 votes)

Having her butt cheeks licked by the Butterscotch Stallion. 12.26% (90 votes)

Spent alone watching Natalie Portman movies. 4.63% (34 votes)

We’re not quite done with Magorium yet as Amo sent in this blurb from the new Empire Magazine.

When casting his directorial debut about a shy girl who inherits a magical toy shop from an ancient eccentric, Zach Helm had only one girl in mind. But he couldn’t get her. “Natalie Portman is a very busy girl”, says Helm, who was given the directing reigns following positive reaction to his script for Stranger Than Fiction. “We had to wait about eight months for her to be available, but that gave me lots of time to learn how exactly to direct a movie!” Currently getting its final effects tweaks, the film still has months until its late 2007 release. “The wait will drive me nuts,” laughs Helm.

Wow, that’s great to hear that he was so committed to Natalie playing the role.

The first batch of calendar months went down well. Here is the rest. Thanks to Jorrit.

Back cover

Jason found the following strange compliment from Hayden.

Jason also sent in this blog entry which, if true, means Nat did spend new years with a significant other.

And finally, a really great batch of fanart.

Sak kicks things off with a cool new years greeting.

Next up are 3 great wallpapers from Isaac.


And lastly, a really nice painting from Tiia.


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  • imakemloose69 says:

    WOW!!! i love the pic for July as is July 20th is my birthday.

    Yes that trailer is fantastic!!! like I said “Can’t wait to see it.”

    I give props for Zach Helm had to wait 8 months in order to get nat for the role of his film. Long wiat but well worth it!!!

  • plop says:

    September is beautifull, but, July prevails for ever¡¡¡

    And, about the smell thing… even if it is about good odour, the whole stuff stink a little to me (askign who is the best smelling celebrity?. Definitivelly this kind of top list doesný smell good)

  • plop says:

    Ok, allready i watched the trailer (yes, I couldn´t resist¡).
    Aparently, at least a Natalie´s movie we will be able to watch relaxed.

  • Mac81 says:

    I love the July-picture. It was the event where I’d met Natalie and she gave me an autograph 🙂

  • Seyo says:

    The pic for July is the best.
    Asking who is te best smelling celebrity??Come on.So stupid question…(idiots)

  • EAG says:

    The calendar’s great!
    (On a minor note:the pages for January and July with the red carpet photos seem a bit out of place among all the close-ups and photoshoot pics.)
    Thanks for posting the link for the Magorium trailer in the comments section!
    Love your site! It’s the best Natalie site on the web and I visit every day (atleast once)!!!

  • Mac81 says:

    And I need to say in reality she looked even better than on this photo (hard to believe, but yes, an enhancement is possible).

  • unity1 says:

    That’s an interesting blog report. Similar to what we heard from the Annie audio, that Natalie seems to be rude or unpleasant to most anyone who just wants to say hello to her or ask her a question. Is it really that much of a burden to just smile politely, say “hello” and “thank you” to people? Her fortunes and fame come from those same people, don’t they? But whatever, at least she responded to them. She could have just ignored them and sent her Israeli body guard after them to use his Mossad martial arts techniques. And she didn’t, and maybe Natalie had already been bothered by a dozen people that day and was just tired of the constant attention she undoubtedly gets. I don’t know. In fact, Natalie would probably get constant attention even if she wasn’t famous. I suppose that’s why she made that dumb (dare I say) comment before about how ugly people have it much easier than attractive people. Oh, the suffering of the beautiful, famous, and wealthy… I don’t know HOW they go on. Ok, well I have to go cash my welfare check now.

  • cata says:

    it’s a beautiful calendar!!! But the pictures of February and July are the ones i love the most!!!!!!

  • papari says:

    unity1, great post. My thoughts exactly.

  • wesfan says:

    haha, “butt cheeks licked by the Butterscotch Stallion.”

    For those of you who don’t know, the Butterscotch Stallion = Owen Wilson. He’s in the Darjeeling Limited, so I’d say it’s a possibility. XD

  • fanatical610 says:

    Well unity1, I did read what the blogger said about Natalie and yeah I think you make some interesting points. I don’t know it’s weird with Natalie, I think it depends on the time and place and also maybe her mood. It’s not an excuse but this “celebrity” business is complicated.

  • dazza says:

    I think there are Nat fans who understand that she’s a human being and others that put her on a pedestal and expect her to fulfill an unrealistic fantasy.

    I’m sure she has bad days and I’m certain she can act like a bitch. But the overwhelming majority of first hand reports (like the recent Scarlett-Nat on the set of Boleyn reports) and her general reputation in the industry is that of a very kind and sweet person.

    When she’s living her personal life, like when she’s with Gael (especially considering the negative attention the two of them generate and how they obviously want to keep it a secret) or dancing at a concert then yeah, she probably just wants to be left alone.

    Is that really such an unreasonable emotion?

  • niogth says:

    Is that true Nat is with a rich british guy called Rotschild?

  • minimaggit says:

    Well said dazza.

  • minimaggit says:

    oh, i forgot. Hayden? thought he was dead. (killed by some crazy natfan)

  • Jenski says:

    Thank god Zach Helm was willing to wait; I think MMWE is going to be very good.

    Unity1, I don’t like to be bothered half of the time. Snippy is my default mode and no-one I’ve ever met has described me as a bitch- they just know that random people asking me questions and acting like we’re friends when we’re not throws me off and makes me uncomfortable. Nat probably gets recognized almost every day. She’s not obligated to be polite- she’s obligated to give good performances (which she always does, imo). Nat doesn’t have to play Mickey for every person who’s ever seen her on screen; there’s a time and place where going up to a celeb is appropriate and a time when it’s not. People use the “famous” thing as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour. You hand over cash for her film, yes? And you get a performance in return. That’s all she’s obligated to do. Everything else is jsut a perk. 90% of fan encounters with Nat are positive (like on the Other Boleyn Girl set).

    As for the calender, for me it’s all about August and December.

  • clone says:

    I saw the trailor and it was cool and funny, making it a childs film for sure.

    also here’s what it says in the australian Empire magazine about Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

    Count on this being one of the biggest movies in 2006.Marking the directing debut of Zach Helm, who wrote this before he made his name with stranger than fiction, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium has the potential to grab a huge audience of kids and adults alike.The plot concerns the eccentic Mr magorium (hoffman), who at age 243, decides it’s time to bequeath his fantastical toy shop to its young manager Molly Mahoney (Portman). But when he does, strange and dark forces start to threaten the emporium. We’re thinking a canny cross between Night at the Museum and, say, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind.

    it’s to come to australia on the 26th of december.

    the second thing that jason sent (which is in a blog) cant be true, cause its only words from a fan who might have imagined this or saw some people who looked like them since there isnt proff that it was gael and natalie ,and I beleive natalie would have been with her parents for new years eve.

    the other thing about gael I’m hearing is that he’s really with another female for life, and that natalie is only 1 of those females who is only a freind, just like natalie is freinds with other male actors.

  • thevoid99 says:

    I love it. Zach Helm is truly a genius. I love “Stranger Than Fiction” but man, this is going to be a great debut. I love Dustin Hoffman and his lisp. Natalie is very sparkly.

    Natty P is going to own 2007 as she will take all the young divas out there to school!

  • rafael28 says:

    i thought gael was from guadalajara, i wonder why they were going to D.F.

  • Don E says:

    Good points Dazza and Unity1. IMO, we just need to look at everyone’s point of views I guess. I can completely understand Natalie and her reaction for instance on the plane, maybe it was the question asked that bothered her or the things Dazza mentioned, but say its a real fan.. Here is your chance to say hello, are you going to do it? But if you don’t, you never get the chance again, thinking its a once in a life time chance. Know what I mean? The problem though what might bother some celebs is probably the question(s) asked or how the fan approaches. It seems like alot over react, etc. Then you can’t blame the celeb for being atleast alittle evasive.

    So I don’t know. I guess you just have to look at everyone’s point of view. Just my two cents. (:

  • dazza says:

    Look, I think its reasonable to expect a fan, when faced with the object of that fandom, to want to grab that chance. I don’t have a problem with that but it should go both ways where I think its also reasonable that Nat isn’t always happy to receive that kind of attention.

    Hopefully Nat would understand why the person is coming up to her (even if she doesn’t like it) but hopefully us fans can then understand why she might not be thrilled about it (even if we’d prefer a better response).

    Goes both ways.

  • Sak says:

    The usual misunderstanding is that, fans and people who know her as an actress feel comfortable with her, while she definitely can’t feel comfortable with every jerk asking her personal questions like “How did you get here?” even if it sounds very innocent.
    Nat was asked a question that was deemed trivial by the questioner and very personal by her. The real question is would this guy ask just about any random person the same question, out of the blue, with the same ease and really expect a polite answer? Like “Hey dude, I know you are a US citizen, how the f**k did you managed to get in here?”

  • ownself says:

    I heard Natalie Portman has a muse, a gay guy. She has no contact with him, like you the site with her. I wonder if the guy should get a cut of her action, since being Natalie Portmans muse is torture business. I wonder when her flame will burn out, when she’ll stop the magic, or if she controls it. I wonder if I really am schizophrenic and I wonder if you care.

  • AProfessional says:

    I think both Dazza and Unity1 make good points.

    Cuz if u think about it, it must be hard trying to have some fun with your friends and having strangers come up to you wanting to start a conversation.

    However, you gotta be grateful to the people who admire your work and have the courage to come up to you and pay you that compliment, which, let’s face it, must be hard for a normal person. I agree with Unity1 that the least you can do is smile at them and say “thank you,” at least showing manners.
    I admire Natalie and all, but if I were to work up the courage to come up to her and say “Hi, I love your work” and she were just to say “yeah” and then ignore me, I don’t think I would like her anymore after that.

    In any case, it could go both ways, as said by Dazza. And like Don E pointed out, you gotta try and put urself in both of the person’s shoes: poor Natalie, tired of not having a moment of peace, and the fan that is just very exited to see her.

  • plop says:

    I think the clone quote from australia deserves to be in the main page.

    rafael28, to my delayed knowledge (2002, a spanish magazine about cinema), Gael lives in London -but please, don´t take this as a reproach- as could be living in any other place, disregarding where he is original, and most likely the d.F. airport is the bigest in the country and therefore is the most logical destination for international travels. After all, they were seen in a plane form Cuba to Méjico.

    And about unspected attention… well, i gues i would anwer bad 99% of times, specially after it stopes being some thing new, and therefore interesting

  • InNatsThrall says:

    There are alot of very strange people who visit this site.

    (yes I know I’m one of them)

    Anyway, I’m a person who enjoys their solitude. Can you imagine not being able to go ANYWHERE in the civilized world and not be anonymous? Constantly hounded by people? Imagine your annoying grand-whatever who always gave you sloppy cheek kisses when you were a child. I’m sure that’s how fans can be. Who cares if they love you? They’re still annoying as hell.

    Would I approach Natalie and ask for an Autograph? Yes, I proably couldn’t resist and would be miffed if I was brutally rebuffed.

    Everyone try to keep in mind she is a human being, not a nice machine. She know’s she is beautiful and it does proably effect her ego somewhat, but hell who can blame her?


  • Drew says:

    I think you are wrong about Natalie being arrogant about her beauty. Everyone knows she is really nice and sweet.
    Everyone needs their alone time, private time and other times like reflection on someones life if they have died.
    If Nat was looking a bit annoyed I would resist with all my power to annoy her any more then someone else has already done.
    I just wish that she had an official webpage or forum for people to talk to her. She could choose who she talks to and we would all be mesmorized by her words. I reckon for many people to know that Natalie has herself taken time to write messages to her fans that would stop most of them harassing her.

    The movie trailer was fantastic! I really loved it. There is one problem though….I have to wait a damm year before I see the whole movie. :'(

    The calender is wonderful. I have all 14 images (front & back & 12 months) that is going to be made by a printing company into a A2 Calender. They said at first glance it was very good quality and could be made A2 and if not A2 then A3 definatly. I am going to hang it up on my wall! No price is too high to pay.

    I would give my life for Nat as would many other fans.


  • Drew says:

    OOO i forgot to say Tiia really really nice painting of Nat, you really captured her face. Luv it!


  • unity1 says:

    Dude, Drew, you would “give your life for Nat”??? Um, I think you could use some time away from Nat stuff for a while. No offense. Just saying, I think you could use a break.