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This is a bit late (you can guess by how many days) but I hope you like it. Thanks, as always, to Matt.

The extra big NP.comic #30

Once again, we’d welcome any donations. Thanks to Jeremey for his christmas donation.

I’ll be back with a regular update soon.


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  • papari says:

    Poor Santa lol! Can’t really blame him though… Nice job with the comic!

    ps. I had to write this comment twice. My browser timed out so if the first one somehow came through you can delete it. Btw, has this site been down lately or something? I’ve experienced some difficulties connecting to this site lately. Usually around 1600-1900 GMT+02.

  • thevoid99 says:

    That was funny. Poor Santa though.

  • dazza says:

    We had a strange slowdown on sunday but I haven’t noticed anything since then.

  • Garcy says:

    LOL, love it!

  • PPP says:

    ten thumbs up, very nice one seriously! i love the painter and good story ey! 🙂

  • minimaggit says:

    Great comic.

  • InNatsThrall says:

    Really good one guys. At least Santa has good taste, eh? Donation forthcoming.

  • plop says:

    Fore me, one of the best of the Matt era. And if it wouldn´t be for the “banning” of christmast presents for jewish, I would bet that mrs. Santa was Scarlet Johanson.

    No point saing it, but i also found troubles last days to get here. Except today

  • bushi says:

    I LOVE THIS GIRL….She is THE BEST….AND….whatever………..

  • bushi says:

    and it was good.but poor Santa…but he saw smth.beautiful befor his eye closed.

  • AProfessional says:

    I honestly think this one is one of your best. It’s just so good, you know? Santa as a dirty old man…priceless.

    Matt is doing a very good job, I’m liking the comics. You know, I didn’t know that he had been the second artist until recently. Whatever happened to the other one, Nate?

  • dazza says:

    Nate didn’t really have the time for it anymore and just felt as though he had done everything he needed to on the strip. Really good guy though.

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    God dammit, they deleted the Magorium trailer!! Ahh, that sucks so much it blows. You know I just don’t get these companies that want all their stuff off YouTube. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Like NBC with the Natalie rap. It’s like okay, SNL usually sucks and then you have something that’s actually good and you make people take it down? And why would Mandate Pictures want the Magorium trailer taken down? I mean doesn’t it help them to have people see the trailer? It’s not like they make money off of it, right? I’m also afraid we won’t have a trailer for a while because I don’t think that one was meant to have been released on the internet because the trailer was like four and a half minutes the movie doesn’t come out for ten freaking months. Never would’ve thought I’d want to see a children’s movie more than Goya’s Ghost’s, but it’s really an awful wait after you see a trailer. That’s why it was so hard waiting for V for Vendetta to come out. Sorry for that rant, but I just don’t get it.

    By the way, great comic. I love the “I’m Santa dammit. I can bring joy to whoever I want.” as well as the blurry vision an they sleeping picture. It’s amazing how odd people look when they’re sleeping.

    And thanks so much for answering everyone’s questions, Dazza. There have been a lot lately. And you were right about not posting any more of that script, they’d go apeshit.

  • AProfessional says:

    Awww…It was nice of him to stick around for as long as he could, though. I was seeing his strips a couple of weeks ago and they really weren’t that bad.

  • dazza says:

    They do it because they have a release strategy that they think will maximize the chances of people going to see the movie. Things coming out too soon or in an inferior quality mess with that strategy. Personally I’m not sure how much damage it does or even if its a good thing but that’s why they do it.

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    Okay, I guess that makes sense. I still sent Mandate Pictures an angry email, so I’ll see how that one turns out…. 😉

  • AProfessional says:

    If you go to youtube and search for “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium trailer,” you’ll find it in 3 results. Also, one of them says it’s supposed to come out in November 16, 2007.

  • plop says:

    My link to the Magorium trailer is useless now, but the snl Nat´s rap is still there (i mean, in my e-mail).

    I still think that “the more people knows it, the more people buys it”, so i don´t see their point. Besides, it would be nice from them to allow every one to watch it.