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Here are the results of the last poll.

In the new comic strip, do you prefer the new regular case text?

I didn’t even notice a difference 70.65% (378 votes)

Yes 21.5% (115 votes)

No, I prefer the uppercase 7.29% (39 votes)

Glad it turned out that way. Bye bye uppercase.

And here is the new poll.

As I said yesterday, things are very quiet at the moment but I’ve squeezed the rock and this is what came out…that sounds a lot worse than I intended. Sorry.

Amo sends word that Goya’s Ghosts will be screening at the Goteborg International Film Festival. The gala on Feb 2nd is sold out but there are two more screenings with tickets still available.

And finally, Xmooth sent in this nice quote from James Mercer.

The Shins frontman James Mercer is grateful to actress Natalie Portman for name-checking his band in movie Garden State, because their record sales increased dramatically as a result.

The US rockers were a moderately successful cult band with two albums
released when Portman’s character uttered the line, “The Shins… you
gotta hear this song. It’ll change your life.”

And Mercer admits things changed overnight for The Shins.



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  • PPP says:

    I live in goteborg, thats nice… im gonna get myself a ticket 🙂 i wish natalie would intend to that herself, that would have rocked.

  • NatKnowsBest1 says:

    I saw The Shins on SNL last night. Garden State was the first I heard of them but they are a decent band. Dazza, Do you know if Natalie is going to appear at the GG Awards tomorrow to present or something? Thanks

  • JenR1215 says:

    If you want Je T’aime to be longer all you have to do is really just Slow motion everything thing, and cut piece of what Home Boy is saying… i can’t do that bcuz i dont know what he was saying.

  • AProfessional says:

    That’s great for the Shins, but shouldn’t they also thank Zach Braff, who made her say it? I mean, he wrote the script, therefore that line.

    By the way, anxious about the Golden Globes tomorrow! AAAAAAHHHHHH! WHOOOO!

  • clone says:

    I beleive there isn’t mutch on natalie cause she’s staying warm in her good house, which reminds me dazza, could you get us a picture of natalie house?

  • rafael28 says:

    i love the shins, i was actually a big fan of theirs before garden state, i about flipped my lid when nat mentioned them in the movie

  • PPP says:

    Just got confirmed that milo forman, Jean cleaude and Stellan skarsgård will attend to te film festival in gothenborg, but i go no news of Natalie 🙁