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In the comments section of the last comic I said the streak of well received strips may end with the next one. Well the next one is here and don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


As always, any donations would be very welcome. Thanks to Joshua, Arjen and James for helping out last time.

This week there will be another new strip and the second half of my editorial.

On a personal note, yesterday I was copying files backed up to cds to my HD so I could then burn them to DVD’s and save space in my cd/dvd rack. It was going fine until this one cd that really struggled to copy the file across. Eventually I got an error and I just tried another cd.

After I had enough on my HD to fill a DVD I tried to burn but something was different. The buffer level did not stay constant around 100%. It fluctuated wildly from around 10% to 90%. Because of this the burn took around 5 times longer than it normally would have. Since then I’ve tried different dvds and reboots and the problem persists.

I googled it and some possible solutions included making sure DMA is turned on for the drive and defragging the HD which is housing the files. I did both and the problem is still there.

So, anyone got some possible answers? Just send me a line.


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  • bou says:

    Some exhibit pics of Nat’s gowns in Goya’s Ghosts:


  • Dana says:

    I don’t know. That comic kind of gets my vote for Best Comic. Or maybe I’m just anticipating vulgarity at this point? What the hell, it’s now one of my favourites.

  • MoRawk says:

    buy a new computer with all the donation money ??

  • dazza says:

    It’s a pretty new computer. If it is a hardware problem it’d just be the dvd burner.

    Buy a new computer with the donation money? Haha. I wish we were pulling in anything near that much.

  • Rafael28 says:

    you should try lowering the writing speed. i had a similar problem and it worked for me. except it takes like 15min.

  • bou says:

    I just read some comments on The other Boleyn girl’s script, and it seems everyone who know the book find the script horrible… and most of 70% find Nat doesn’t go well for the role. Same for Scarlett and Eric Bana. God, I was waiting so much about that movie… I’m just a little anxious now… But maybe it’s a good challenge for Nat. Everyone is waiting for her. So, she could be bad as never, or… she could be the new Kidman!! lol
    I prefer the second option… But I think she will have huge concurrence this year. Lot of good movies are coming. And, as young actress, Keira Knightley will be in Atonement, wich seems to have a better “pre” feeling. I read some very good report about it. And she will star too in an adaptation of one of my favorite books “Silk”.
    So, 2007, Nat’s year? I just can’t waiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!! please!!! some news!!!! some movies!!!! some pics!!! SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JenR1215 says:

    That exhibit thing was really cool. lol

    thanx Bou

  • N for Nat says:

    I advice you to buy a Mac, and you won’t have problems anymore.

  • clone says:

    I think the comic is good, and it’s resembles how natalie and myself feel now.

    another thing I want to point out about gael is that I beleive he’s only a good freind like the other male’s she’s met, cause in the past people say she’s having an affear with this man, but isnt, so I beleive that gael is only one of her best freinds but not the man for her life since she’s pointed out already that she plans to one day retire from stardom and become a doctor. go for it natalie, live a normal life like we do.

    I also think it would be good if natalie did go back to acting for blockbuster films than drama films.

  • plop says:

    Plop plays the fool again. Come on, the comic is all about fun. Now we know what obtained Jim Morrison when the baby litted his fire, i guess…

    And Bou, dispecting the fact that i can NOT do wise recomendations to any one, don´t worry about “experts”´s coments; haven´t you ever the expirience that you read the worst about something, and when you face it, nothing that you reed fits your response to it? Don´t hesitate.

  • hatikva says:

    Off-color but funny nontheless. 😉

    Bou, I haven’t read the book so I’m certainly not an excerpt, but I’ve read lots of original scripts after I’d seen the movies, and quite often, the original script resembles only a vague outline of the finished product. So don’t lose hope yet!

  • captain says:

    I just donated $20.

    I like and visit this site too much to not donate.

  • MoRawk says:

    Well if it’s a new computer i can’t possible think of anything.. I just bought a monster in around christmas and it workes fine.. are your HD Sata ? maybe you haveto check that the burner is in the correct mode, (slave, primary slave and so on..) or you may be one of the unlucky to get a defect one..

    But whatever you do don’t listen to “N for Nat”.. that would be like changing from right to left traffic or vice versa..

    Good luck though


  • Bou says:

    I agree with you all, but it seems the script is very very bad… just go on IMDB page to see some people explain why. But, for sure, bad script doesnt mean bad performance. I still hope!