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Let’s kick things off with another pic of Nat in Italy. Thanks to Jason.


If it looked a bit photoshoppy thats because it is. Knowme pointed out that the pic is from the Dustin Hoffman set. Sorry.

Amo was kind enough to type up a review of Goya’s Ghosts from Total Film Magazine. This should mean the film will be released in the UK soon. Here is the bulk of the review…

As ?Monty Python? aficionados are always keen to point out in high-pitched voices, no one expects the Spanish inquisition. Likewise, no one expects it to be dull, what with all its brutal torture , violent religious oppression and stomach-turning array of pointy painmakers.

Dull, sadly, is the charge levelled at ?Goya?s Ghosts?, the first movie this decade from Milos Forman, the much-gonged maestro behind ?One Flew Over the Cuckoo?s Nest? and ?Amadeus?. Set during the explosive political and religious upheaval of the late 18th century, it somehow fails to ignite in any way.

Alas, whatever momentum is built up is quickly punctured once the plot jumps forward in time to the revolution, an over-ambitious structure pulling the movie way out of focus. That said, as you?d expect from a Forman film, the visuals are handled with aplomb, the cinematography having an evocative, earthy feel to it and the director even managing to weave in Holocaust and Cold War imagery lifted from his Czech childhood under the Nazis and Communists for more recent resonance.
But that aside, there?s little to really care about. While ?Cucko?s Nest? and ?Amadeus? cranked themselves into emotional top gear, ?Goya?s Ghosts? never gets out of neutral, a fact hammered home by the generous use of Goya?s paintings in the movie: passionate, incisive and angry, there?re everything Forman?s comeback movie isn?t. A downbeat plodder fully deserving of the thumbscrew treatment.

Verdict: Despite an intriguing premise and two strong leads, ?Goya?s Ghosts? aren?t likely to be haunting anyone. Except Natalie Portman?s agent.


And finally, here is some great fanart.

Gregg sent in this beautiful Nat and Audrey wallpaper.

And Adam might be the first to send in a widescreen wallpaper.

Wrapping things up are some avatars from Nora.



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  • fanatical610 says:

    You know, I’m all for reviewers not liking a performance or a film but sometimes it can seem so personal (last paragraph). Reviews like this make me worry about Natalie’s career sometimes. It’s quite sad this film didn’t work out, at the start the premise and the people involved seemed certain for success, not necessarily Oscar success but just critical acclaim.

  • pikepike says:

    i think that’s a pic of Nat last year. her hair is longer and you can even see her curly hair. oh well, maybe its just me.

  • preterNATural says:

    I think someone is having fun with photoshop. Compare the shot in Italy with this shot.

  • knowme says:

    I think that Italy pic is a fake. Sure the location is Italy, but the pic of Nat is from the day she was snapped in Toronto after lunching with Dustin Hoffman. Take a look back at that set, you’ll see. Same distinct jacket, bag, sunglasses, hair band, hair length. The hair actually proves that this pic couldn’t have been taken just a few days ago- her hair is much longer now, as attested by the REAL recent Italy photos where her hair was coming out of her bandana. Look at the Hoffman pics in Toronto, you’ll see what I mean.

  • dazza says:

    In the ticker I wrote that it looked photoshopped but I thought it was just me. If I wasn’t half asleep I’d go looking to see if I could find if its a pic from an old set. I’ll do that in the morning.

  • dazza says:

    Or Knowme can solve the case for us all.

  • veggiegal says:

    I tried to find the Goya review on the Total Film site but it is not there. But according to the site the film will be released on April 13. This “critic” said that the film has two strong lead performances. Were they Natalie and Bardem or Natalie and Skarsgard or Bardem and Skarsgard? The review didn’t say who. I am still very interested in seeing this film but I don’t know when I will because I live in the US.

  • knowme says:

    Aha, thanks for the kudos, Dazza. And actually, preterNATural did a great hunting job and came up with the precise goods. Boy, these photoshoppers are savvy, eh?

    Off topic- So her role in Darjeeling must be pretty small I guess? Since she couldn’t have only been in India for what….a week and a half? So it must be just a little cameo like Blueberry. Also, how tired must she be right now- Flights direct from London to India to Rome to Prague- whew!

  • AProfessional says:

    Yah, it’s pretty photoshopped…O well, you can just add it to fanart, no?…And watch out for whatever “Jason” sends you…

    …I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see Natalie at the Oscars!

  • AProfessional says:

    By the way, the two wallpapers sent were just amazing!

  • Mockingbird says:

    ‘knowme’ is right. It’s from those pictures with Dustin Hoffman from last year, unless Nat has taken to swmiling to herself on her own and her hair has grown backwards. Why would anyone go through the trouble of badly photoshopping an old picture of her to make her look like she’s in Italy? Weird…

    “Goya’s Ghosts” sounds like a misfire. I wonder what went wrong as it has a great team behind and in front of the camera.

  • jenr1215 says:

    Okay.. how could you (honestly) not tell that was photoshop’d? lol

    I mean.. few days ago we see Nat with hair to her *neck*… then a couple of days late its back to a few inches long??

    for real, come on.