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Hi again

Natalie was spotted leaving an afterparty for Liev “how did he get Naomi Watts?” Schreiber’s broadway play, Talk Radio.

Until we get our own versions of the pics, you can head over to Just Jared to see the rest. Also of note, the Magorium poster made a surprise appearance.

I’ll be back later with that wallpaper poll.


Celiana has sent in those 3 pics without the border and in a much better resolution.

And here are a couple small pics of Natalie’s arrival at the play.


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  • nimbuschick says:

    Liev is incredibly interesting to meet in person. Watching him do Shakespeare almost made me cry. The vocal quality… not to mention I adore his film Everything is Illuminated. And he’s tall. I’ve met the man, I can understand how he got Naomi Watts.

  • Kot says:

    I like her all the time when she has a natural make-up!

  • Mockingbird says:

    There are lots more pictures of Natalie arriving at the play and leaving the afterparty on WENN, Rexfeatures, Gettyimages if anyone has an access to them. She looks so cute in the ones on WENN and Rexfeatures! I know it’s freezing cold in NY at the moment but I hate the leggings. Whomever brought back leggings to torture us poor females needs to be punished. I swear they don’t look good on anyone!

  • unity1 says:

    “Everything is Illuminated” was really good. There are so many films on the Holocaust now that it’s hard to add something new to existing cinematic reflections on it, but Liev’s film does it. And I actually dislike Elijah Wood, but he’s great in it. Great film.
    Also saw Science of Sleep recently and loved it. But if you don’t like Gondry, i suspect you won’t like science of sleep either.

  • goya says:

    Hey Dazza,

    Another link , this time from an on line newspaper, El

    Peace out

  • knowme says:

    He he he, Nat must have like 400 different long winter coats. 🙂

    And dazza, I agree with others, Liev Schreiber is an amazing actor and director! He is also very outspoken politically, very educated, truly an intellectual. I would think it the other way round myself- how did Naomi Watts get HIM? I think of her as not much more than a pretty face, really, rather inconsequencial, but may be I’m wrong?….

  • dazza says:

    I’ve always felt a huge disconnect to Liev’s acting and characers. It’s probably just a personal thing but I don’t like the guy on screen (although there are always exceptions). As for his directing, he’s only done one film (which I liked enough) so its a bit early to say.

    My comment was more about how much I think of Naomi than how little I think of Liev. I think she’s gorgeous (obviously) and when she has the right material (Mulholland Drive, 21 Grams) I don’t think there is any actress better.

  • Mockingbird says:

    I suppose I’m in the minority. I can’t comment on Liev as an actor because I can’t think of single thing he’s been in but I didn’t think much of his work on “Everyhing is Illuminated”. I thought it was terribly paced, poorly directed and an all-round poor adaptation. I’ll admit that Alex and his grandfather (oh, and Sammy Davis Jr Jr!) were the highlights of the film but that was more due to the lines lifted directly from the book and the charisma of the actor playing Alex. It’s a pity as it had a great trailer and I was really looking forward to it but the film fell uterly flat for me.

    dazza: I had absolutely no time for Naomi Watts acting until I saw her in “Mullholland Drive”. What a film and what a performance! I just wish she’d stop making crappy remakes (The Ring, King Kong; Funny Games and The Birds coming up).

  • bou says:

    God, I’m surprised there are no more people to say that:
    NAT IS WONDERFUL!!! I love her style in those pics. She’s so… lovely!
    It’s a good thing she’s back in NY, because when she’s in her town, she’s going to a lot of events.

    I disagree too with that “don’t like Liev” thing. I really admire his talent. His movie with Elijah Wood was really well done. Watts is very very good too, but she has to come back to decent movies. Mulholland Drive is one of my favorite.

  • knowme says:

    Ah I see now daz, well, to each their own, it all boils down to personal preference I guess. Personally I wasn’t all that blown away by Naomi in 21 Grams, and I REALLY dislike her performance in I Heart Huckabees. But she was very good in Mulholland of course. Whereas Liev, I have found incredible in all I have seen of him, even smaller roles, like Walk on the Moon, he’s always great. And your right, he’s only directed one movie so far, but then so has Zach Braff but people talk about him as a director all the time and don’t find it too early, and I know Liev is such a smart guy with many project in the works, incl. on stage, so I do think of him as all three- writer/director/actor.

  • dazza says:

    You weren’t impressed with Naomi in 21 Grams? Wow.

    I actually really enjoyed the first Ring (second was awful) and thought she was very strong in it. I also thought she was one of the best things about King Kong. I do agree that she is due for another really great role but I haven’t seen Painted Veil yet.

  • unity1 says:

    Naomi Watts does a solid job in the film “Stay” as well, which is a beautiful film (in sort of a morbid way) if you haven’t seen it. Gosling is awesome in everything.

  • spoonbat says:

    Nat’s lips look incredibly chapped in that one pic.

  • goya says:

    I was really impressed with Naomi in 21 grams!

    One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. she really deserved the Oscar, but Charlize Theron got it instead just because she was ugly in that crappy movie, Monster!
    So unfair! Naomi is definetely one of my favourites!

  • plop says:

    Errr… felling more ignorant than usual, but i am gonig to make a comment anyway. My Favourite pic of the hi-res today is the second. But really lovelies, JUST BOTH THAT I CAN’T CLICK¡¡¡¡¡ (I guess will have to wait until more pics are recibed, or the gallery).
    And, if you people can take a joke, you are all very intelectual today.


  • clone says:

    I’m so fasinated with these pictures, plus i’ve noticed some blood on her lips in picture 1. she must have cut herself somehow by bighting her lips. I do it sometimes.

    Also I knew she was in New York resting in her beatiful home, and this also proves that she’s single everyone.

    I also love that top and scarf she’s wearing. she is all classic and class.did you also notice she’s using a new bag. I also see the point natalie.

  • clone says:

    also Naomi watts is a true aussie actor, and a good freind of natalie’s too.