Scarlett Johansson is featued in the new Vogue and Celiana transcribed all the Nat mentions from the article.

I asked her why she chose to play Mary Boleyn, a little-known historical figure who was briefly Henry VIII?s mistress before her more ambitious sister, Anne, supplanted her and became queen (for a thousand days). ?I first became involved because Natalie was doing it,? Johansson said. She and Portman had never worked together before, and Johansson said that even before reading the novel or script, she leaped at the chance to make a film with the young actress whom she admired. ?She?s a wonderful actor, just a great scene partner,? Johansson said. ?I guess I had never really worked with a young woman my age. She?s so professional. And she?s not pretentious or anything, just a really nice girl. It also helped that she?s from New York.?

Portman was just as impressed by Johansson. ?The thing about her is she?s an amazing actress. You look at her and instantly believe you are in the place you are; she makes it immediately real,? Portman said. ?She?s so supportive and giving and passionate about her work,? she added. ?She?s really direct about everything she wants or feels, whereas I am a little more timid.?

The two young actresses hit it off well enough on set to spend much of their time together after work, including late-night clubbing in London?s Soho. ?We were allies and coconspirators,? Portman explained. ?It?s so rare that we get to work with actresses our own ages. You can relate at a friend level: We?re at the same places in our lives; we were able to talk about boyfriends and go out dancing.?

Johansson graduated from high school in 2002, didn?t go to college, and doesn?t seem to regret it or have any insecurities about her education, even when she hung out with Natalie Portman and some of her Harvard classmates. ?I met a couple of her friends from school, and they?re all absolutely lovely,? Johansson said. ?Natalie had a really nice college experience, but she wanted to go, and I didn?t.? The actress, who does want to direct someday, briefly considered film school, then changed her mind. ?I?ve been acting since I was eight years old. I couldn?t imagine going to school and sitting in a classroom and having someone tell me what the conditions of a film set were going to be like,? Johansson said.

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