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Just a short update today but I’ll be back with more sometime this weekend.

Several sources are now saying that The Other Boleyn Girl will be released on 21st December in North America. It’s definitely a good time for awards consideration but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We’re certainly in for a bumper second half to 2007. Thanks to Celiana and Gabriel.

It seems we weren’t the only ones impressed with those new pics of Natalie, here is Lainey showing some love. Thanks to Becca.

And finally, here are 3 great wallpapers from Jean.

Three – my new wallpaper



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  • jenr1215 says:

    I thought Boleyn was set for October :\ wtf??? says October 26th. thats crap that they change dates. That like promising you’re going to do something, and then don’t.

    I think they should move the movie The Golden Age, back to come out after Boleyn, so we get a movie of Anne and Henry VIII, and THEN see Elizabeth’s movie, since she their child.

    It’d be just be cool to have them sort of in order, instead of a backwards release, lol.

  • clone says:

    it appears to be released around christmas day which is alright for the school holidays.

    I also want to point out that I found some collector cards of goya’s ghost on ebay.

  • Mockingbird says:

    I think they’ve changed the date because they don’t want to compete with “The Golden Age”. That film has a higher pedigree coming from the same people behind “Elizabeth”, better actors and is more highly anticipated. I think this film is going to have a very tough time as “The Tudors” is on TV at the moment too, is getting v.good reviews, is far more historically accurate and has a UK cast.

    jenr1215: If you want to see a film about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, I wouldn’t bother with “The Other Boleyn Girl”. It’s highly historically inaccurate and incorrectly portrays a number of historical figures including Anne.

  • JorgeRibeiro says:

    Its gonna be a good year for Natalie. As Lainey said, I smell another Oscar nomination. This time, she’ll win hopefully. By the way, they’re some good wallpapers 🙂 Good job Jean

  • Rwix says:

    THX for these wallpapes they are realy awesome and beautiful!!! Great Jean 🙂

  • JeNR1215 says:


    oooooh yes, i’ve figure that out quite a lot. Boleyn book tells a COMPLETELY different story about Henry and Mary’s relationship. lol

    i believe the book is about 60%-75% true.