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Evening ladies and gents. But especially the ladies, cos, you know…ladies…mmmm.

There isn’t really anything to knock us on our asses today but I’m sure an ass knocking is just around the corner.

Let’s begin with the results of the last poll:

How often should we do a wallpaper contest?

Whenever things are quiet 37.69% (219 votes)

Once a month 37.35% (217 votes)

Every couple weeks 18.93% (110 votes)

Never, its a waste of time 4.99% (29 votes)

Well, I guess I’ll try and do one every month when things are most quiet. I like the idea of having the winner from each month square off at the end of the year in a “there can be only one” type battle.

The new poll is something thats been swirling around my brain for awhile now. The last time we did a proper forum I was quite disappointed because it didn’t live up to the golden age of the site. Back in the day the NP Mesage Board was fantastic. Tons of activity and some amazing posters. If we try it again I think I’ll be a lot more relaxed about the whole endeavour.

Should we set up a proper forum?

There isn’t much in the news but lets see what we can dig up.

Sak and Max found a little list of some of the smartest female celebs. Guess who number 1 is? A clue: It’s not Paris Hilton.

There is a brief mention of Natalie in an interview with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, which goes a little something like this…

Who would you like to work with?

Natalie Portman. I’d just end up ogling her all day.

The celeb love fest doesn’t add there as Selma Blair spoke about Natalie in the new Vogue in relation to her new haircut.

“Natalie Portman was such an inspiration with her shaved head at Cannes, in a Chanel dress with not an earring, nothing. That was the first time an actress blew me away on the red carpet. It really made me happy. A young girl got it, really got it. She didn’t put in a stud. You’re a young girl. Wait until you’re old and wrinkled to put in all the baubles.”

Thanks to Nannina and Caitlin.

Finally, Jefferson sent in this really nice wallpaper.



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  • plop says:

    I suspected wasn’t Paris Hilton. On the other hand, she made money by doing nothing -but pursuit paparazzi to be photographed (she became the “sacrified heroine that present voluntarie to allow famous to scape”)- so may be we should not understimate her. That, and that there is no one more dangerous that some one plaing the foul on porpouse all the time.
    And Sonia seems to have found followers in the wallpaper thing.

  • balla_ama says:

    to dazza,
    hey this comment is really just brought on by a little pet peeve of mine. i have a favour to ask of u. whenever u post an update that has a new wallpaper like today’s could u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just indicate simply what size the wallpaper is. (unless it wasn’t pointed out to u by the submitter in the first place and u wuld have to go into MSpaint and find out urself, i understand that could be a pet peeve for yourself or something).

    if it doesn’t trouble you too much, maybe a:
    Finally, Jefferson sent in this(1024*768) really nice wallpaper.
    Finally, Jefferson sent in this really nice wallpaper(800*600).


  • balla_ama says:

    sorry dazza, my mistake, i just realized the size is in the title bar right after i submitted my comment


  • clone says:

    Of course natalie is number 1,cause she is the smartest woman who isn’t in a rush to find her man as well. that is why she hasnt revealed or found him yet. she’s smart.

    also it was amazing she had the courage to shave her hair off in her age.

    Someone told me they saw natalie place a letter in an R2-D2 letterbox yesterday. I wonder what she was posting?

  • knowme says:

    That’s nice ’bout the smart celebs list, but once again they overstate the languages…..she is hardly FLUENT in French or Japanese. Oh well, at least they didn’t say German, Spanish, and Arabic, LOL!

  • gabriota says:

    Really Nice Wallpaper!

  • JenR1215 says:

    YES!! make a NP Forum!!!!!

  • Luisa says:

    As much as I like Natalie, I wish people would stop saying that she is fluent in French and Japanese. (or in German & Arabic, as some other articles mention) Truth be told she’s fluent in only two languages. Other than that, the article was very good and I agree with Selma Blair on how Nat is an inspiration.

  • Claudia says:

    hooray for a proper forum. the message board is very confusing, not functional at all.

  • AProfessional says:

    GOD! I love the wallpaper! It’s my favorite that they’ve ever sent here! 😀

  • Jenski says:

    You know, I’ve always had a secret and weird crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers (and he and Nat would make a very interesting couple) so that mention made me happy 🙂

    And say what you will about Selma Blair as an actress but she rocks where fashion is concerned, so hearing her opinion of Nat is infinitely better than some fashion magazine.