I think its time to start thinking about another wallpaper battle. Right now I’m just looking for your suggestions for a theme. The last one was “anything goes” (sorta like Sanji’s mom) but this time I’d like there to a common denominator. So what should it be?

I’ve also set up a new poll and am very much looking forward to the results.

Get Voting!

And here are the results of the April Fools poll:

Did the April Fool joke (The Darjeeling poster) work on you?

Yeah, you got me 65.15% (402 votes)

Nope, do better next time 33.55% (207 votes)

I’m quite satisfied with that as its getting harder and harder to pull a fast one on that day.

Papari has sent over some higher res versions of the latest pic series. That’s the good news. The problem is that they are still watermarked and not just any watermark. This is the ghastly king of all the other watermarks. Hopefully we’ll be able to find cleaner versions soon. Natalie clearly isn’t enjoying this photographer so if you don’t like those photos feel free to skip them.

Three – I know she’s trying to look pissed off but its like a grumpy puppy. You just wanna go “awwwww, how cute”.

The Other Boleyn Girl and other upcoming historical films get previewed by USA Today. Thanks to Eve29473.

And now for a couple more pieces of fanart. My aplogies for crewing up Celina’s wallpaper link yesterday.

Richard sends in yet another nice Nat sketch.

And Gus sent in this classy wallpaper.

Finally, a personal problem. I have this burning sensation in my…oh wait, it’s the other problem I wanted help with. I burnt season 2 of The Wire (Best show in the world. Period.) to a DVD-R. The burn went without error but I didn’t check the disc until this weekend when my friend, who I’ve been trying to get to watch the first season, finally watched an episode. 13 hours later he had gone throught he whole season and wanted to go straight into season 2. The problem is I can’t read the disc on my machine, my DVD player and on his machine it seems to think the disc is a blank CD.

The disc is in perfect shape with not even the slightest scratch. So, am I (or more accurately, my friend) pretty much screwed? Or is there a program or method out there for getting data off discs that a DVD drive can’t even read?

Cheers for now.