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I’m still half asleep but there are some stunning from the NYC premiere of Paris Je T’aime. Aside from a bit of poofiness (the technical term) at the bottom of her dress, I’m loving the look. Click here to check out the gallery Pasha setup. Thanks to Angela, Celiana, Celebutopia and Palpatine.

But what do you guys think of the look?

Vote here in the new poll!

Here are the results of the sexes survey:

You are…

a guy 54.22% (495 votes)

a girl 45.45% (415 votes)

Guys win. Yessssssssss!

Just kidding. I think its awesome that we almost have an even split between guys and girls. I would say that in general, when it comes to getting involved and helping out the site, the girls reign supreme.

And finally, we have a new NP.comic ready. It’s inspired by a very special someone.


As always, any donations would be hugely appreciated. I also want to really thank those who donated since the last comic – Andreas, James, Steven, Isaac, Joshua, Amy, Anthony and Didier.


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  • Kitten says:

    Saw these on Just Jared, Natalie looks stunning, forgot to add my vote to the poll, so you can add another girl on there LOL

  • cherryvanilla says:

    there are also some new private candids at
    it looks like she’s arriving or leaving the view

  • cherryvanilla says:

    another girl too! forgot to vote!

  • clone says:

    beatiful,beatiful I tell you, beatiful. there isnt any other woman more lovely and beatiful then natalie, and i wish i was there with her as her man, cause gael wasnt cause he isnt her man in her life since he wasnt with her.

    the gown and the hair style brings back the old days again, and she could be the one for all those classic films again.

    the smile in her face makes me laugh my head off, and I nearly fell off my chair, hahahahaha!!!

    Oh natalie come to me baby.

    we the guys win, cause dazza, you are a guy too, like me.

    now we need a poll for which is the best natalie hair style.

  • clone says:

    dazza, that guy in the comic in melbourne isnt me, but I have seen some guys in melbourne that look like that, but not me, I’m average and have dark brown hair. no beard or glasses.nice try.

  • Sak says:

    Just saw the View appearance. Such a nice talk on the issue. I’m so proud of her.

  • JenR1215 says:

    Lots and lots of MEN in here. Mmmm. Yawl seen to be holding out on us. There’s actually 496 guys. I was at my boufriend’s house and voted him as a girl…. sorry. 🙁

    *heh* :p

    I thought i laughed when i saw 1st frame. I was kind of stupid on the 2nd frame, and didnt realize the movie titles were at the TOP of each frame, and thought the movies was GS. Yawl gave her converse, she wore green ones in it, (It’s 6am, it was an honest misjudgment). lol

    Pretty random strip. Kinda dorky, but cute.

  • Thom Yorke says:

    I have to say, that comic strip is the greatest of any strips ive ever seen on the net.

    Well done guys.. Well done

  • Luisa says:

    She looks stunning, but she should have ironed the dress. It looks wrinkled in the front…

  • lovenat says:

    Love those Paris pictures. She’s as cute as a button and total class.

  • InNatsthrall says:

    The dress is nice, except for the bottom…it looks odd. She is as enchanting as always however.

  • Mac81 says:

    hi dazza, what do you mean by ‘poofiness’?

  • thevoid99 says:

    Natalie looks extremely beautiful. With Maggie, AWESOME!!!!!

    That comic rocks by the way.

    Natalie & Maggie. 2 of the best actresses working right now.

  • fanatical610 says:

    village banking myspace page with message from Natalie:

  • Jenski says:

    God, *this* is why -for me- she’s the fashion icon of the 20somethings. Classic, flirty, modern. The hair is gorgeously done, as is the makeup. She’s so glamorous.

    (Yeah, the hem’s a bit much. But it’s what keeps the dress modern, preventing Nat from seeming like she’s mimicking an old screen siren. (ScarJo has yet to master this.))

  • hatikva says:

    Wow, so much Nat news in one day. My Nat obsession is on overload!

    Those galleries are great. She looks so nice in casual wear, and the new pics are simply stunning, especially her eye color stands out. I kind of don’t like the amount of eyeshadow she has been wearing under her eyes lately; it makes her look sultry but mean, but she certainly makes it work here.

    The best part is FINCA, though. It’s so great to see her as a leader in an organization that I care about. Thanks for the info, fanatical610. I posted it into my livejournal!

    The comic was perfectly hilarious, esp the way you huys got his spelling down, “paparatises.” LOL

  • jesslv74 says:

    She looks absolutely STUNNING!

    I am really surprised there are more guys than girls. Going to sites like this, to me anyway, seems like more of a “girly” thing to do. But then, it IS Natalie after all! What guy wouldn’t want to come to this site?! 😉

    fanatical610, where’s the link?


  • jesslv74 says:

    Oh and cherryvanilla, that link didn’t work for me. :\


  • jesslv74 says:

    p.s. YouTube videos were VERY hard to watch on my computer…very out of sync. Anyone else have that problem?

    Do you think we’ll be getting a full version of the ABC episode?

  • dazza says:

    Hatikva, those are actual quotes from Clone. You couldn’t make that kinda stuff up.

  • Claudia says:

    wow! great pics, she’s beautiful and I like that dress, puffiness and all.

    “there isnt any other woman more lovely and beatiful then natalie, and i wish i was there with her as her man, cause gael wasnt cause he isnt her man in her life since he wasnt with her.” I couldn’t have expressed myself better.