Evening guys and gals

Nat is in Toronto for the next 3 days to do some reshoots for Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium. Zack obviously realised his mistake and intends to shoot some sexy scenes to make it an erotic thriller. Apparently there are pics out there of her on set so if you find them please mail them over.

Harper found the french press kit for My Blueberry Nights. You can view the PDF here. We finally know Natalie’s character name – Leslie. I don’t typically like the name Leslie but I’m going to make an exception this time. For Natalie. For The Children. Hopefully one of our french visitors can provide a translation for the info on her character.

I’ve got a few things from last week that I want to poll about but lets begin with a FINCA related poll.

Get Voting

And here are the results of the previous poll:

Why does Natalie have band-aids (or more correctly “adhisive strips”) on her arm?!?!

Crazy vampire bit her. 29.55% (190 votes)

Her dog bit her. 24.42% (157 votes)

Fashion (turn to the left) Fashion (turn to the right) Can you hear me Major Tom?!?! 23.33% (150 votes)

Hiding heroin tracks. 21% (135 votes)

I’ll be back with more tomorrow.