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Jenski found a great new My Blueberry Nights promo photo. Her character certainly seems confident.

I was also sent a few translations of that French Press Kit and it seems that not much is said about Natalie’s character, Leslie. But here is a brief mention in the synopsis. Thanks to Eilis.

“[….]After a painful separation, Elizabeth (Norah Jones in her first appearance in a feature film) starts a roadtrip through America, leaving behind her a life full of memories, a dream and a new friend – a touching bartender (Jude Law) – while searching for something that would mend her broken heart. Taking several jobs as a waitress on the road, she becomes friends with clients whose desirs are larger than hers: a tormented policeman (David Strathairn) as well as the wife who’s left him (Rachel Weisz), an unlucky gambler (Nathalie Portman), who’s got unfinished business.”

I’ll be back later with a new poll.


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  • clone says:

    I wonder if Natalie gambles for life. some celebs do. also the picture is great making natalie looks as if she’s the boss.

  • thierrry123 says:


    go to this website and click on dance tonight and you can hear the song.

  • kukushonok says:

    hello! I need your help! How i can add my wallpapers with Nat to fan made category?Sorry for my english,plz explain to mee! mail:kukushok@mail.ru

  • dazza says:

    You can email them to me as JPEG attachments.

  • jenR1215 says:


    Funny how natural they look on her.. and how confident/proud she seems wearing them.

    She sorta reminds me (if she was about 40) of a wild, trying to stay young, Moma. lol