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By May 10, 2007Site-news

Hi guys

Just a quick update to let you know that Natalie picked up the Best Actress award (for V) at the Saturn Awards. It’s nice to see The Descent, Children of Men and Battlestar Galactica also getting some love.

Thanks to Chewbacca.


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  • JenR1215 says:

    I caught Children of Men awhile back.

    I was surprised how intense movie turned out to be. I love how they shot the movie. Single shot scenes are so cool. They really can make a movie seen extremely real, like its actually happening, and not some overly high budgeted Hollywood action movie.

    Its cool how two of the best Political Thrillers got at least one award, also. :)!!

  • plop says:

    I didn’i think it would take so long for those results, taht seem to have been announced sooo long ago…
    By the way, JenR, sorry but i thought you were french. Oh, and dont bother to respons the next time i (or who ever for that matter) get you wrong. No one has to know about you.

  • JenR1215 says:

    Omg i have another long story. I’ll make the size small for it doesn’t cause a scroll.

    I had to most MORBID dream about (V) last night! i didn’t even think of the movie at all hardly yesterday. Except when my boyfriends kinda quoted something earlier.

    But the dream was comic book, I remember seeing the [top left] shot. But it was like a rough sketch cartoon, and her clothes were yellow. Anyway.

    In the dream i was watching the “movie”. Evey was in the prison and whatever, and for the torturing, instead of shooting power hard water at her, and drowning her… THEY WERE RIPPING HER TOES OFF HER FEET!!!….. WHAT – THE – F#$!

    They like had her feet and holding onto a toe, pulling and twisting it, until it snapped off. Omg, it was so disturbing.

    AND THEN, for some reason i gave one of my friends a Bday present with balloons, (her b-day was 3 months ago). AND THEN! I get her to come over and get my dad… AND I WATCH (V) AGAIN!!

    How can you enjoy something in your dream, but be disgusted with it WHILE your having it??

    After i woke up i looked up online about nightmares and it said:
    “One reason for nightmares may be a way of our unconscious to get our attention about a situation or problem that you have been avoiding. It is time to take notice and confront a problem or situation.”

    And I was like does that mean i want to rip off her toes????

    I don’t know, but all day I’ve had this real bad sharp pain in my stomach, since i woke up.

  • Rafael28 says:

    Sweet! my new favorite actress ivana baquero also got an award, the saturn awards people know where it’s at

  • bou says:

    Brandon Routh… hum… yes. Are you sure those awards are…credible?

  • N-a-t says:

    Cool…i am so happy for Nat….and she deserves it..v IS A GREAT FILM,AND SHE DID A GREAT JOB:)

  • clone says:

    she deserves that award more than anyone else since she cut her hair for the part.

    Also at the star wars club meeting today, another guy called dazza was talking about Natalie, and he was saying something funny about the M&M’s Queen Amidala figure and that natalie would possiblly have them since she is an M&M fan.

  • Pasha says:

    Hey Dazza, I updated the Blueberry Nights gallery with even better quality pictures than the ones we had. I hope that’s ok.

  • dazza says:

    And I had to remove the poster because it was never meant to be an official representation of the film.

  • unity1 says:

    Clone – are you really in a Star Wars Club?