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Let’s kick things off with another article about Village Banking. Thanks to Jenski.

The queen also joked with Portman, a Harvard alumna and the official FINCA Ambassador of Hope since 2003.

“When my four children found out the event was for Queen Amadilla, they practically packed my bags for me,” she said, referring to Portman’s “Star Wars” character.

Portman also spoke at the event, discussing how the repayment rates for the loans were more than 97 percent successful and that more than 90 percent of the loans go to women. The young actress’ speech also promoted youth participation in the program.

“We no longer can claim ignorance, only indifference,” she said.

Portman also promoted her new FINCA documentary with director Juan Carlos Rulfo about workers in Mexico.

While we’re on the subject, I’m getting a lot of emails about Natalie’s video diary. We did talk about it a couple weeks ago but it might have been overlooked in the rush so once more, click here to see Natalie filming…Natalie.

Natalie is going to be doing more good by joining Jack Hanna in Rwanda on June 19 to film a one hour special for the Discovery Channel. You can read the full article over here. Thanks again to Jenski.

JenR sent in EW’s mini review of Paris Je T’aime.

Rachel sent in a scan of an interview with boy “band” McFly, which features a lot of moronic comments and a bit of a Natalie mention.

And finally, Ellen sent in this V inspired wallpaper.


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  • Garcy says:

    Natalie loves Jack Hanna!

  • JenR1215 says:

    There was supposed to be a Video Diary #2 last week, but i guess Nat wasn’t able to do it, since she got call back for Magorium.

  • dazza says:

    Heh, the video diaries have obviously been filmed already. Heck, we had the links up to the first 2 on youtube before they were taken down.

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    I love that video diary. I just think it’s really funny because when I watched it for the first time, I expected it to be super serious and everything, but the first phrase out of Natalie’s mouth is, “I wish my arms were longer right now…”. I dunno. For some reason that makes me laugh.

  • Sak says:

    More FINCA promotion. That’s so cool. Better than any movie promotion. I can’t wait to see this documentary.

  • Lanie says:

    ROFL ‘Queen Amadilla’? Like an armadillo?

  • Jenski says:

    It hurts me that the video diaries keep being linked to. My computer has no sound. NO SOUND.

    Geez, *someone* should at least offer up a summary…

    I can’t wait to see footage of Nat with the mountain gorillas.

  • JenR1215 says:


    Well hell, whomever’s running the MySpace, for the diary’s need to quit lying, and stick to their words.

  • N-a-t says:

    WOW…Well Nat is sure busy….I LOVE HER!First the films,then the documentaryes,then the humanitary work!Respect!

  • amo says:

    There’s a Natalie interview in the new issue of Total Film in the UK (the one with an orangy Johnny Depp on the cover). Haven’t got a scanner at the mo, so i can’t so the honours 🙁

    Only place i could find it today, was a big WH Smith, so it may arrive at newsagents tomorrow?

  • plop says:

    Wow, that’s the Discovery program i want to watch more that any other. To me, Amadilla sounds more like “amarilla”, that means (female) yellow, when she was paaale white. Al together, in one of thoe dresses, she could get hide inside, as an armadillo… (and to prove that ignorance is reciprocous, the real queen is Rania, isn’t?).
    In second thought, i hope they will really set a good security to Natalie among those gorilas. I don’t car how pacific those animal are, they still are a 250kilos beasts.

  • plop says:

    Oh, boy¡. Hate me every one, but what resembles “Kagame” in spanish… not the right comment to someone doing the right thing, so i apologize.

  • clone says:

    That white gown is soo gorggesssss, I love it on her, cause it makes her look like a bride and a mother of a 3 year old boy already.I would love to marry her this way.

  • clone says:

    This is proving one thing, Natalie is planing to retire from acting and going into politics in the future to help the people of the country she lives in. She is born to be a leader for real, but wont become presedent since she wasnt born in america. If she came to australia, she would have no problem in becoming a Prime Minister of Australia, or a Premier. that would be great.

  • Mockingbird says:

    I had no idea who Jack Hanna so I did a Google search and a 1999 interview with Natalie on this site came up: Jack Hanna (of “Animal Adventures”) He knows so much about animals. His is the most desirable job.
    She’s been a fan for a long time so this must be dream come true!

    Weren’t the video diaries filmed back in January sometime? I could be wrong but I think that’s what she said in the “This Week” interview.

  • clone says:

    I’m glad she’s doing a Documentry with Jack Hanna cause I’ve seen other movie actors doing documentrys on animals too, and Natalie needs one.

    Also dazza have you seen the star wars book titled Crating the worlds of Star wars 365 days, cause it shows alot of new pictures of natalie and even her stunt double who did her stunt acts like the one where padme get’s pushed by a genosian.