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By May 14, 2007Site-news

Hi again

Before the Blueberry blitz hitz I wanted to just clear up my inbox.


Natalie is out of the country and unavailable to go to Cannes.

Let’s start with some great Hi Res images that Pasha has added to several galleries. They are marked “new”.

Closer press conference

V4V press conference

Chequered shirt

Harpers Queen – these are to die for

Barstool – no worky? check comments section

Kyle sends word that iTunes is reporting that the Paul McCartney album will be out on June 5th and that the deluxe version will include the music video with Natalie. So we should have it by then at the very least.

Next up is a bit more on the podcasting rumour, from the guy who Natalie was meeting with.

“We do enjoy talking with Natalie but don’t have more to publicly state at this time. . . . I would add that what was published online about Natalie and lifecasting is 100 percent fabricated and untrue.”

Interesting. She obviously has something in mind but I’m sure its to do with Village Banking. I guess we’ll find out in time. Thanks to Eve29473.

Finally, I got tired of seeing Javier Bardem staring at me every so often so I asked Brishen to put together a new banner. It’ll be incorperated into the rotation in place of the current Goya banner. Quite fitting dontcha think?

Seeya tomorrow. It should be an interesting day.


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  • stress_sponge says:

    the new banner is awesome!

  • Garcy says:

    She won’t be at Cannes? How dissapointing. =(

  • alwaysnat says:

    Dazza, are you sure she won’t be there ? how do u you know it ?

    @ jenR1215
    I know that you’re looking for the episode in Paris je t’aime with Maggie Gyllenhaal, i can’t find it anymore but it’s very strange, one month ago, i saw it in Youtube and dailymotion.

  • dazza says:

    Can’t say but she won’t be there.

  • Chewbacca says:

    I’m sooooo sad that she won’t be here…. She should care more….

  • Mockingbird says:

    Much prefer the new banner!

    Isn’t Cannes technically out of the country? ;D Pity about Cannes, it is such a prestigious event. Maybe WKW cut or reduced her part? He is notorious for doing that to actors; that’s why Maggie Cheung won’t work with him anymore. Avoiding Gael? Charity work? ?????

    This is unrelated but maybe the bandaids Natalie had were from vaccinations for the Rwanda trip next month. You have to get some vaccinations pretty far in advance.

    I wonder if Nat is taking the year off and concentrating on her various causes. We haven’t had any legitimate new film news since “Darjeeling”.

  • dazza says:

    From what I could gather she just had other commitments. Same reason why Rachel Weisz won’t be there.

  • Mockingbird says:

    I know Rachel Weisz is shooting “The Brothers Bloom” (which looks awesome!) so she can’t attend. I was just speculating on what could be keeping Natalie away as she isn’t filming anything at the moment.

  • JenR1215 says:

    Goya banner’s “okay.”

    I appreciate that it at least shows *ONE* of Goya’s paintings. Im not too familiar with that painting, but ive seen it before. i dont know the propername for it, but i do know one of them is Bir Balkondaki Grup. 😀

  • JenR1215 says:


    I appreciate your willingness to try and find it.

    *give friendly hug*

    >—(>,<)---< 🙂