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This update is all about site news, which proves that we don’t always sit around on our hands. Most of the time, yes, but not always.

The image gallery is now fully up to date. If any galleries are missing, be sure to let us know. Sorry about it taking so long but that won’t happen again. Unless it does. But it won’t.

Unless it does.

I’ve also started updating the filmography pages but they have a ways to go yet.

Mart has been kicking the article and video sections into shape. We’ve added around 10 new videos so check out the page and make sure that nothing awesome has slipped past you. We’ve still got to add preview images but that will come soon.

While looking for pages to break update I came across this old intro for the site. It must be around 5 years old but gave me a few chuckles.

Pasha continues to do a fantastic job with the galleries and here are galleries with new (and marked as such) Hi Res pics.

Sassy shoot

British Vogue

Letterman arrival

V4V press conference

Academy Awards after party

Jane shoot – Looove this set.

And finally, the Closer premiere gallery has had 217 pics added. Thanks to Celebcity.

The Blueberry verdict seems to be that the film is a little disappointing. Let’s see how many people voted for that choice in the last poll:

My Blueberry Nights is going to be received in Cannes as…

A good movie but not amongst the standouts 43.09% (234 votes)

One of the best films and garnering some awards 40.52% (220 votes)

The Palme d’Or winner 9.58% (52 votes)

A bit disappointing 3.68% (20 votes)

A total trainwreck 2.58% (14 votes)

The reviews for Bluberry gave me the idea for the new poll.

Get Voting!

Also, don’t forget about the wallpaper battle. As far as I’m concerned, only 3 of the 10 positions have been filled. Remember that the themes are My Blueberry Nights or FINCA/Village Banking.

And finally, the forum is almost ready to launch. It might even be up later tonight.


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  • shelley says:


  • jenR1215 says:

    Bad movie with a good Nat performance any day. We don’t need another Start Wars outcome.

    Directors should be slapped or banned form Hollywood if they make an great actor/tress look bad in a movie. lol

  • plop says:

    Dazza, i sit over my hands when they are cold. Never the less, i remember recently weeks full of work here, so don’t worry. In fact, there is too much to see for me. And thanks, life_is_a_cereal.

  • teddy181 says:

    The greatest freakin’ intro i’ve ever seen :))

  • henrik says:

    yeah i’m actually quite interested how the thing with the forum turns out 🙂

  • dazza says:

    That’s hardly a surprise, Henrik. I think you’re more interested in the forum than you are of Nat.

  • henrik says:

    …ouch? although i don’t get exactly what you mean, i think that was kind of mean (in the sense of rude). what do you mean exactly?

  • dazza says:

    I mean you saying you’re quite interested in the forum is an understatement based on posts in the past. Wasn’t meant as a diss at all, just a “funny” observation.

  • gabriota says:

    Very, Very funny intro. . . Made me laugh a lot.