Nat talks to MSNBC

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V4V found a short Q&A with Natalie. I fail to see what non fans would get out of that but it clarifies a couple things for us Nat fans.

The actress has four movies out later this year?and she’s going to Uganda for FINCA, a nonprofit that provides loans to low-income entrepreneurs in other countries. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Why are we talking during “Grey’s Anatomy”!?
I just woke up, sorry. I’m actually abroad traveling with friends in Asia.

What country are you in?
I’d rather not talk about it. I don’t want people looking at me.

What do you mean?
It all has to do with expectation. Like, if people expect to see you, you get recognized all the time. And if they don’t, then you won’t.

This isn’t going to be published today.
But I’ll be here for a while.

Are the reports true that you’re starring in your own live blog, like “The Truman Show”?
No, no, no. Someone started that rumor. I don’t even have my own MySpace page.

You’re friends with the Queen of Jordan?
I wanted to support something that helps the imbalance in this world. Her Majesty Queen Rania introduced me to FINCA.

Did the two of you bond over being queens?
No! I’m a pretend queen. She’s an incredible, impressive woman.

Didn’t you do a FINCA documentary?
I sort of appear in it every once in a while, which is partly embarrassing.

I’m using the attention that I’m lucky to have to bring people to something that I’m interested in.

When the new “Star Wars” premiered, you were studying for your AP exams in high school. How many did you take?
Bio, English, Calc BC. What else? Oh, European and American history. I don’t know anything about any of those things.

How did you do?
Really well. It was shocking.