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I’m totally blanking on a good idea for a new poll so this is what you get instead.

Get voting in this super crap poll!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of the Paul McCartney video?

If Nat was more clear it would be great 32.33% (182 votes)

It’s cute but very forgettable 22.74% (128 votes)

Hate the video, hate the song, hate that we can’t see Nat 17.76% (100 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet 14.92% (84 votes)

I love it 11.9% (67 votes)

I fell in the cute but forgettable camp.

Before I go there is one piece of shocking news. Natalie was not invited to the Star Wars Celebration and boy is she pissed.

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN is disappointed she was not invited to attend the 30th anniversary of STAR WARS in Los Angeles earlier this month (May07), because she would have loved to join in the celebrations.

The 25-year-old beauty plays Queen Amidala in the three film prequels, and is saddened she was snubbed for California’s five-day Star Wars Celebration IV last week (24May07).

She says, “It’s upsetting. You would have thought, being the queen, I would have at least received a letter.”

Thanks to Kyle and Jason for the link.

Something felt very off when I read that and Fanatical610 found out what is wrong with the above article. They basically stole and twisted a quote from an old Total Film interview.

TF: Have you been invited to any Star Wars anniversary parties?
NP: No, I haven?t heard anything!

TF: That?s an outrage. You?re Queen bloody Amidala…
NP: I know. You should write a letter! That?s upsetting.



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  • Sak says:

    Busted indeed. She’s not the type to demand an invitation to anything.

  • bou says:

    No doubt. In Clone’s bed!

  • plop says:

    That crap is funny, Dazza. No matter with that kind of crap.
    “Under clone bed” is second chance? Wherther clone is voting desperately, or he has become the soul of the party for most visitors here. (if “the soul of the party” sounds strange to you, it is because is the translation of a -for you- foreigner says. Sorry)

  • plop says:

    Oh, and Natalie should had been invited, no matter if the news is fake or real. She HAD a major part in SW¡¡

  • Imakemloose69 says:

    yeah im pissed off as well!!! This week was all about star wars. Like on g4 live star wars at 30 as well as others. i watched all of them and no Nat!!! All was previous interviews stock footage. All i thought was man ok Nat would never turned a star wars convention down, no way. She had a HUGE part in the series. She was the freaking QUEEN!!! It was the down fall of anakin. c’mon. Insteed we got others that i did not care for.

    Sorry Nat. Maybe next time. I would of love seeing nat signing pics and a new interview and her take on whats comin up for the future of star wars. maybe find out if she would be interested in doing more star wars stuf.

    Those were the second main reason i watched all those progeams on star wars. So i can see Nat. NO LUCK!!!!! I AM SO MAD AND PISSED OFF!!! I FELL YOUR PAIN NAT!!!

  • clone says:

    She’s not under my bed mate, she’s in china.

    anyway if she wants to go to celebration IV, she should go to jedi force which will be held in october in melbourne.we are looking for star wars actors, and she’s the one.

  • _Anyathe says:

    The Doctors Spin, at it again.

  • jenR1215 says:

    I put Clones bed just because of his comment on the forum, haha.

  • keanu says:

    yeah, um, i’m with Imakemloose69. What he said. Pardon me while i go cry somewhere.

  • GVCarroll says:

    I don’t think she’s ever really expressed any interest in the whole convention thing. Maybe Lucas knows not to bother. I think the one time she appeared in any form was some recorded video thing, circa RotS IIRC. *shrug* The article sounds like BS just based on that alone.

  • clone says:

    were trying to see if we can make a deal with natalie to be our guest at jedi force in october, and if so, she should feel happy.
    also jen, stop that.she’s not under my bed, but you could say I’m carrying her in my arms from an aciedent, cause of a broken leg.

  • cherryvanilla says:

    there is an official statement from her rep at

    “Portman Reps Upset About ‘Star Wars’ Snub Story

    Actress Natalie Portman’s publicist has fired back at reports the actress is upset she wasn’t invited to attend the 30th anniversary celebrations of Star Wars in Los Angeles. British tabloids ran with the story yesterday, with Portman quoted as saying the apparent snub was “upsetting” as she would have loved to have been a part of the five-day Star Wars Celebration IV earlier this month. But the 25-year-old actress’ publicist insists the story is untrue, Portman was misquoted and she wouldn’t have been able to attend the party even if she had been invited. The rep says, “Natalie wasn’t even in the country… The story is false and all the quotes are made up.”

  • Sonya Rae says:

    Just an FYI…

    I live in Wuhan, China and work at the Shangri-La Hotel and about shit my pants when Natalie Portman, her boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal, and family walked into my hotel and had lunch today!!! Nobody knew they was coming and no Chinese people even recognized her! They had just come off of the Yangtze River Cruise and are heading to Guilin and Yangzhou this week and to Tibet next week!!!

  • MoRawk says:

    what about mathilda news ?! )=..

    haha i just love the tabloids, the people who reads them even more, death to all of you c**ts!

  • clone says:

    Sonya rae, that isn’t true, cause her parents are in new york and gael is somewhere else doing something else, otherwise we would have seen a picture of him with natalie, but didnt.

    she’s alone in china for peace and quiet.

  • Kitten says:

    Thanks for the sighting report Sonya Rae, I take it Gael travelled over to China later to join Natale as I’m aure Natalie was there before him, wasn’t he at Cannes and she was in China?

  • anda says:

    Haha, Fanatical610 got them. Big time.