Padme is pissed


I’m totally blanking on a good idea for a new poll so this is what you get instead.

Get voting in this super crap poll!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of the Paul McCartney video?

If Nat was more clear it would be great 32.33% (182 votes)

It’s cute but very forgettable 22.74% (128 votes)

Hate the video, hate the song, hate that we can’t see Nat 17.76% (100 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet 14.92% (84 votes)

I love it 11.9% (67 votes)

I fell in the cute but forgettable camp.

Before I go there is one piece of shocking news. Natalie was not invited to the Star Wars Celebration and boy is she pissed.

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN is disappointed she was not invited to attend the 30th anniversary of STAR WARS in Los Angeles earlier this month (May07), because she would have loved to join in the celebrations.

The 25-year-old beauty plays Queen Amidala in the three film prequels, and is saddened she was snubbed for California’s five-day Star Wars Celebration IV last week (24May07).

She says, “It’s upsetting. You would have thought, being the queen, I would have at least received a letter.”

Thanks to Kyle and Jason for the link.

Something felt very off when I read that and Fanatical610 found out what is wrong with the above article. They basically stole and twisted a quote from an old Total Film interview.

TF: Have you been invited to any Star Wars anniversary parties?
NP: No, I haven?t heard anything!

TF: That?s an outrage. You?re Queen bloody Amidala…
NP: I know. You should write a letter! That?s upsetting.