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Natalie”s birthday is rapidly approaching, which means that next week we get to focus on what is most important – Portmania. Beginning this Sunday, Sanjiro will lead the Portmania march to Natalie”s birthday on the 9th. Like always, visitor participation is encouraged mandatory. So send in your Portmania/Bday fanart, lest Sanjiro gets mad.

Speaking of Portmania, here is a brand new Portmania flavoured poll.

\r\n\r\nHere are the results of the previous poll:

Where do you think Natalie is hiding out?
China. 30.35% (207 votes)
At home in NY. 25.81% (176 votes)
Somewhere with Gael. 22.14% (151 votes)
Under Clone”s bed. 12.9% (88 votes)
Sri Lanka 7.77% (53 votes)

Are you a psycho Nat fan? Are you a rich psycho Nat fan? Then why not buy Natalie”s house? Bath in her bath. Sleep in her bed. Roll naked on her carpet! I should have been an estate agent. Seriously though, it makes sense considering the amount of time she spends outside the country these days. Thanks to Eve29473. Eve also found this little blurb, mentioning that Natalie”s box office revenues are amongst the ten best for female actors.

Rounding off the news is this People Mag scan from JenR, which has a mini review of My Blueberry Nights.

And now for some wallpapers from Kukushok.


Tomorrow, Mathilda news. I promise.


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