PORTMANIA a go-go!


YES. apostrophes are back! and we couldn’t be happier. well, maybe a little happier.

This PORTMANIA update has NO NINES! i don’t get it.

Those of you participating in the Benji Movie Marathon should put in your Benji The Hunted DVD’s now.

SAK’s Thursday PORTMANIA pic of the week!

and look. natalie with hair and without. and BOTH GORGEOUS. a PORTMANIA MIRACLE.

and speaking of PORTMANIA ARTWORK.

Annarwaya sends in this: Natalie with Blue EYES!


and there’s actual NEWS TODAY! but before we get into the news lets do a new POLL!


whoops. i deleted the old poll. but i think it was This one. voted by lots of people. i could be wrong. DAZZA knows. holy crap, i’m an idiot.

and now a new poll of UTMOST IMPORTANCE!


Fist. Natalie tells Kevin Spacey “NO”! a word he hears TOO LITTLE!!!! thanks to Chucky and jason_k.

Next, our old pal JC has sent in word that Amazon is offering Goya’s Ghosts on DVD.

now into SITE NEWS. Pasha has updated some of our picture galleries. how many? Oh i think ALL OF THEM.

all the new images are marked NEW!

leaving a hotel!!! (larger versions of these old pics)

alex cayley something or other!! (larger/clear version of old pic)

german vogue!!!

Berlin Premiere!!!!

london premiere!!!

Berlin press conference!!!

London Photocall!!!

Beautiful Girls premiere!!!!

and then HD collages added to these:

I don’t even know what an HD collage is.

They don’t tell me anything around here

I wish i was a cow.

and if that’s not enough. there will be MORE TOMORROW!

speaking of tomorrow! IT’S FRIDAY. and that means one more day before natalie is 26. and then the real rocking and rolling begins. and by that i mean actual rocking and rolling and probably mumbling because i will be totally insane by then.