Nat’s bday bash


Amidoll informed me that I missed out on this write up of Natalie’s bday party, found by Cal. My kingdom for pics to be found from it.

Portman, a year older: No one needs to tell Natalie Portman how to celebrate. For her 23rd birthday Saturday night, the baby-faced “Cold Mountain” starlet threw a raucous party at the East Village hotspot Butter, co-hosted by three of her Harvard pals and attended by fellow ex-child-star Macaulay Culkin, accessorized by black-clad arm candy. A Lowdown spy reports that the petite Portman, tottering on 3-inch heels, spent the night bumping and grinding naughtily with various boys on tabletops. At one point, she proceeded to beat a hapless male guest about the head with a balloon. Some mischief was to be expected, given that the party invitation featured a photo of a Barbie doll along with the caption, “You know how I like it, baby …”

…I don’t get it…

I am saddened to see that once again, my invite must have got lost in the mail. It’s a travesty that the postal service gets away with this kind of thing.