well at least there’s euro 2008

Unfortunately, this week continues to be a non event for Natalie news. I guess we have been really lucky the last few months so I guess we shouldn’t complain just yet. But if we don’t get anything tomorrow I say we start to tear sh*t up!

Until then, I’ve set up a poll to get some feedback on two np.com features that may be dropped for the new design.

Click here to make your vote count.

And now for the results of the funniest Natalie picture poll.

What is the funniest Natalie picture? (final)

How big 29.18% (124 votes)

Friendly dog 25.18% (107 votes)

Sesame street 14.12% (60 votes)

Monkey love 12.24% (52 votes)

Gadget love 10.59% (45 votes)

Can’t hide 8.71% (37 votes)

The funniest ever Natalie picture happens to be the most recent as well. What does this say about Natalie? About us? About Iraq?

Anyway, I know omgzrachel will be well pleased.