Join Our Bubble

There is a freakin’ great new social networking site with an even better competition prize. The site is called Bublaa and it has a visually unique take on the social network landscape. What we need are people to join the bubble, which I’ve just created. We need to make it the biggest bubble by July 15th to win, and right now the leading bubble is at 360 followers, so we’ve got some catching up to do.

It will only take a minute to register and join, but I know how apathetic people can be, so let’s sweeten the pot. If our bubble wins the competition, I will upload a file containing over 800 photos from the 2007 InStyle and 2008 Marie Claire shoot.

You might recall we were painstakingly editing the photos down and uploading, right when the hackers brought down the site. The photos will eventually be added back to the galleries but probably only half of the photos, to save our gallery system from killing itself.

If you’ve ever wanted to help the site, now’s your chance.