Hey all

We’ve got a new comic up. Thanks, as always, to Nate.

It’s important to note: Girls, can use that word. But guys, if you don’t want to walk with a limp for the rest of your life, don’t go there.

Amidoll found a review of GS on the IMDB. I’m not going to include the whole thing because I don’t want to post EVERY damn review, but the review included a bit about Zach that was of interest:

He also said that it is only going to be released in Chicago/New York/LA firstly and how well it does will determine if/when it is going to be released to other cities. So basically if you like the movie and live in those areas go see it and get all your friends to see it so we can help make sure everone gets a chance to check it out.

So if you live in those areas, drag your friends and family (kicking and screaming if necessary) to see it.

And finally, Melody added a few more pics to that Diane Sawyer gallery.

That’s it for now.