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Those of you who are able to see Closer this weekend, I hope you all enjoy it. For those of you who are on areas where it’s not opening, be hopeful. Cal found out that it will open in another 150 theatres next weekend and by Dec 17 will be around 1000 theatres.

The big news today are these fantastic scans from Hot Dog (a UK film mag). A big thanks to Spongey.

The cover
The cover pic
Inside pic
Article 1
Article 2
Article 2 + PHWOAR pic
Nat in Closer
Nat in GS
GS 2

Spongey also had this tv heads up…

Natalie is due to appear on UK TV next Tuesday morning (7th Dec) on a program called “This Morning” (10.30am, ITV1).

Some Closer shtuff…

Mike Nicholls and Patrick Marber talk about Closer and Natalie over here. Thanks to Bumpkin.

Ebert’s 4 star review is now up and thankfully it’s rating has climbed to fresh on RT.

Ryan sent in this scan of a review and short interview from AM-NY.

Tufkad got two lovely scans of Natalie arriving to her most recent Letterman appearance. Click here and here.

And finally, Seventeen recently published their reader awards. Garden State got the coveted “Indie flick you’d recommend to your friends” award. Thanks to Amy and Rachel.



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