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By February 15, 2009Site-news

Let’s start with the results of the previous poll, although it would seem that the Rachel McAdams – Ryan Gosling relationship might still have a few lives left.

If the rumour about Natalie and Ryan Gosling dating was true…

I don’t mind who she dates 34.04% (97 votes)

I would be thrilled 28.07% (80 votes)

Who the hell is Ryan Gosling? 23.16% (66 votes)

I would be disappointed 14.04% (40 votes)

I couldn’t really think of anything great for a new poll so this will have to do…

The Valentines Day poll


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  • plop says:

    I have a semantic complaint to do: even if not “one”, and not fitting in the romantic-erotic cathegory, friends, family, etc are also beloved 😉