Good Afternoon!

I’m back with a few more nat news things.

Калинцева Наташа sent over the new Mr. Magorium poster. unless this is old. i kind of remember seeing this before. but maybe Nat wasn’t on it? well she is now.

and Uphadis sent in a small article about the baby gorilla Pasha talked about that Natalie named and what that name was!

Natalie Portman is a friend to all creatures great and small — and cuddly. Reuters reports the doe-eyed beauty took part in a ceremony on Saturday at a Rwandan wildlife park to christen 23 baby mountain gorillas as part of a campaign to raise awareness for the endangered species. Portman bestowed her primate with the moniker “Ahazaza,” which means “future.”


hm. and now i see that the name of the gorilla was in the original article. so this update could potentially be completely useless. but i don’t care. i’m keeping it up. and you guys act like it’s the first time you heard all of this.

okay that’s enough.