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Before I get started on todays loot, yesterday I mucked up the new For Your Consideration ad. Here it is again.

As promised, here is the Closer editorial featuring a BUTTLOAD of your reviews. We’ll probably add some more so if you want to have your two cents, fire me an email.

We’ve also got a new poll up to get even more Closer feedback.

And here are the results of the last poll.

How would YOU feel about Nat directing?

I’d be very interested, as long as she doesn’t spend too much time behind the camera. 46.51% (340 votes)

I’d be even more excited than if she was acting in it. 18.74% (137 votes)

I dunno how I would feel. 17.78% (130 votes)

If I can’t see her I’ve got no interest. 9.44% (69 votes)

It’d be a terrible idea. 6.7% (49 votes)

Today the London Film Critics nominated Natalie for Actress of the Year. Once again it was for her role of Alice in Closer.

Ok, I think that’s about it for today. Seeya tomorrow.


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