It’s Day 4 and we’ve begun to bore!


We’re on the home straight and this will be my last update as Sanjiro will bring us all to orgasm tomorrow.

I managed to finally see Cold Mountain earlier in the week and I thought it was, surprisingly, fantastic. As a pseudo script writer myself I tend to look at films quite critically as I’m watching them. I can’t stop myself shooting down that scene, or that idea, or so-and-so’s character. But credit to CM, that part of my brain was kept totally quiet from start to finish. It’s not typically my type of film but I found myself mesmerized by it’s beauty and all of my fears proved unfounded.

And yes, Natalie’s brief role was fantastic although I expected it to be even more heart wrenching cos Sanji read an early draft of the script and in that…


…her baby dies. And then she kills herself. And that would have been pretty damn heavy.

*end spoilers*

But anyway, back to the update.

Nate wrote and drew his own comic for the anniversary so check that out here. I think he just wanted to show off his skills even more 😉

Ekyillia sent in a bunch of great new old pics. Enjoy.

Little Nat and her big Luc
Strangely sexy
Now just cute
Now adorable
Smart casual
Big smile
Worst. Outfit. Ever.
But she’s still cute
What a face, haha
Hands in pockets
I want to make love to those strands of hair
Radiohead are cool
Small smile
Starting to get pissed off
Trying not to cry?
New do.
New do 2

Here are the results from yesterdays poll.

Thoughts about the Nat interview?
Well now I know why you guys haven’t gotten a real interview with her yet. 52.68% (157 votes)

I laughed. I cried. A masterpiece. 27.18% (81 votes)

The only thing offensive was the lack of humour. 14.09% (42 votes)

Deeply offensive and I’m not even gay. 2.68% (8 votes)

Deeply offensive and I am gay. 2.35% (7 votes)

Natalie, call us!

And here is todays poll.

And once again, onto the spanking new anniversary fanart!

William sent in this and it’s my favourite of the day. I wouldn’t mind reading that book. William also made this poster, which has at least one thing going for it…

Jam also got into the anniversary mood with this clever wallpaper.

And finally, a lovely wallpaper from rkiller.

Right, one day left and then it’s back to awkward silences.