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I think a Dajeerling poll is necessary so here it is.

And here are the results of the last crappy poll:

Who would win in a fight?

Mathilda 51.45% (338 votes)

Padme 36.83% (242 votes)

Sam 7.91% (52 votes)

Marty 3.2% (21 votes)

Speaking of Dajeerling, you can see a pic of the 3 brothers (Brody, Schwartzman and Wilson) over here. Thanks to Wesfan.

The last item for today will be a bit of a hot topic. This is a tabloid report so whip out the salt shaker.

Star Wars actress Natalie Portman has fallen for the dark side of the Force judging by the reaction of staff at Sandgate Hotel, Folkestone, Kent.

Filming The Other Boleyn Girl with Scarlett Johansson, Nat, 25, asked the hotel to shut the bar at 10pm, then disturbed other guests with 5am yoga sessions.

She persuaded staff to prepare a lavish party for her, Scarlett and crew but couldn’t attend at the last minute.
One of the staff told us: “We were relieved when she left.” Nat’s people didn’t answer our calls…

Seems like a bit of a reach to me. Early morning yoga and missing a party is not exactly the stuff of diva legends. What do you guys think?

Thanks to Marina, Pinky and Cecilia.

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  • JenR1215 says:

    i cant even pronouce “Dajeerling” lol

    i could care less about the part-yoga, thing… how does Yoga disturb people??

  • fanatical610 says:

    Yeah, how do you disturb people with Yoga? It’s like the most subdued exercise technique ever. Still, I’m not going to let this spoil the most exciting new Nat film news in a long while.

  • preterNATural says:

    Moronic tabloid stories like this are designed to cater to idiots and be ignored by publicists.

  • wesfan says:

    Dar – jee – ling. Not hard ;D

    Hope the DJ script is here soon!

  • wesfan says:

    Oh and she’s totally doing yoga to get into the Indian feel for The Darjeeling Limited 😛

  • wesfan says:

    eh third comment. It’s Darjeeling without the other R 🙂

  • rizza says:

    i cannot believe so many of you guys don’t know who wes anderson is!! it’s sad really.

  • knowme says:

    Maybe it’s cuz English isn’t my first language but that doesn’t really make sense to me. Why would she tell them to shut the bar at 10pm? Because it was too loud for her or something? And yes, how does yoga disturb? Because a trainer had to come in and woke people up or something? I bet a lot of this is tabloid exaggeration.

    But anyway, I didn’t know she practiced yoga, that’s cool…..I thought she had said something once about not being that into yoga, but that she took her ballet classes n’ stuff. Now we know another tidbit of how Nat keeps in such good shape. 🙂

  • nimbuschick says:

    I didn’t think Yoga was noisy. Some breathing but far quieter than the honeymoon suite must be.

  • thevoid99 says:

    I think Natty P & Scar-Jo are a bit partied out. Then again, being the bad girls they are. They probably trashed the hotel rooms and stuff.

  • amo says:

    exactly, i would like to see some of this massively intrusive yoga. are they suggesting she was doing in the bar at 5am? i can *kind of* see how that could be an issue…

    and for anyone who needs it, “Darjeeling” is pronounced how it’s spelt. Dar (like in “DARling”) jee (like in “JEEp”) ling (like in in “duckLING”). there’s a comparison of British/Indian pronounciations here: