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The staff page has been updated with a few changes. Unfortunately I’ve decided to remove JC but if he ever shows up again he’s more than welcome back. I’ve replaced him with Flipp, who did his first update last week and shocked the world with his potty mouth 😉

Interesting point on Flipp, he was one of the original people (with Sanji, Nerf and myself) who planned to resurrect In fact I’d even say Flipp would have called the shots but then he did a disappearing act and I was left holding my…err…mouse. Sanji starts freaking out as soon as he has even a smidge of responsibility, Nerf only wanted to do the design, which left yours truly. Anyway, it’s good to have him “back”.

I also decided to update my boring picture to something…err…heh. Well it’s less boring, let’s leave it at that.

We’ve also added 2 more emails to the From the Inbox.

And just the one piece of Nat news today, courtesy of

The opera “La Juive” (“The Jewess”) was banned by Adolf Hitler in 1933, and last performed in the United States two years later. One of Enrico Caruso’s favorites, the 19th-century work by French composer Jacques Halevy – about a Jewish woman who is boiled in oil for refusing to convert to Christianity – gets revived Nov. 6 at the Metropolitan Opera before an audience studded with such names as Natalie Portman, Cal Ripkin Jr., Blaine Trump, Matthew Modine, Lauren Bacall, Walter Cronkite and Arthur Miller. The opera figures prominently in “Finding Eleazar: Portrait of a Tenor and a Role,” the documentary by PaulaHeil Fisher executive-produced by Wall Street scion Jack Lehman. Subsequentproductions are planned in London, Paris, Berlin and Zurich.


Cheers for now.