As one door closes another opens. It would seem the Samberg rumours weren’t true but the Nathan Bogle rumours have been gaining steam for awhile now.

Pukapuka found the latest scoop from the NY Daily News.

Looks like things are still friendly between Natalie Portman and model-designer flame Nathan Bogle, formerly of Rag and Bone. The two grooved to the White Stripes last week at the Garden.

Could it be that Gael is really out of the picture or is this more smoke and mirrors? If that sounds like a new poll its because it is.

Get Voting!!!

And here are the results of the Boleyn poster poll:

If this is the The Other Boleyn Girl poster I will be

Content 33.45% (196 votes)

Happy 30.2% (177 votes)

A pirate 19.97% (117 votes)

Sad 12.46% (73 votes)

Furious 3.07% (18 votes)

Aaaaand finally, here are a couple pieces of fanart from Devan. Click here and here.

Have a great weekend.