nats least fav update ever

Ok, while my inbox isn’t overflowing with news there are at least a couple things to give you guys today but lets begin with a new poll.

This broke while I was away but I don’t think there was ever a poll about it and since I can’t think of anything else…

The Darjeeling trailer poll!!!

And now the results of the previous poll:

Do you think Nat has left Gael for Nathan?

Who cares? Its her private life 39.14% (281 votes)

I think she is single 22.42% (161 votes)

No, I think its a smokescreen 13.37% (96 votes)

Its a smokescreen alright. But to cover up Nat and ME! 12.12% (87 votes)

Yes, I do 11.84% (85 votes)

I had to do a double take when I saw those. I would have thought a lot more people would be convinced by the recent evidence. Interesting.

The Independent Critics (who?) have updated their 100 most beautiful faces list and Natalie makes an appearance in the top 10. Interestingly, two of my other celeb crushes (Ellen Page and Kristen Stewart) both have Natalie comparisons in their profiles. I never considered them to be Nat-alikes but maybe there’s something to it? Odd. Thanks to Luella.

It would seem critics and lesbians are very much in tune because on this lesbian voted Hot 100 list, Nat is just one place lower. Thanks to FLIPPERINO!

Finally, there are a couple paparazzi vids of Nat over here. Just click on “video” at the top right to log in as a guest and then search for Natalie while ticking both the “limit stocks” fields. You should then see 3 old videos. There is one where Nat is accepting the Saturn award, one of Natalie arriving to some event with Gael and one of Nat eating! Thanks to Angela.

Ok, thats it for today. The results of a poll about her love life, paparazzi vids and a list ranking women…yup, I think that if Nat reads the site she’s not a happy camper right now.