Hotel on wednesday


This is a big week for Natalie fans. Tomorrow is the NY screening of Hotel Chevalier at Apple and I hope a number of you will be going to not only see the film but to also ask Natalie some questions. Please represent Natalie fans and the site well. And take photos! Take video! Take biscuits!

Those of us who can’t make it to one of the screenings shouldn’t feel too bad because Hotel Chevalier will be made a free download from the iTunes site on WEDNESDAY!

I got that information from this article, which also talks about Natalie not wanting to be included in the advertising for Darjeeling and how Chevalier came about and how they filmed it.

The LA Times also has an article, which is also well worth reading and mentions that Natalie wanted just one thing cut from the script – she didn’t want her character to smoke. That explains the toothpick. Thanks to Brian for sending that in.

I’ll be back with a new poll soon.


According to Hollywood Elsewhere the Chevalier screening is NEXT Tuesday and the film is being released NEXT Wednesday. Sorry about that confusion.


And the bloody Apple store has it scheduled for screening at 9pm TOMORROW. So, I think Hollywood Elsewhere got it wrong. Sorry about the further confusion.