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Make sure you check the previous update. I think its accurate now…couldn’t hurt to call in advance though. Anyone who mentions np.com IN A POSITIVE LIGHT will…uh…whats a good incentive…will get a cameo in an np.comic. How do you like dem apples?

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Natalie is involved in another charity, this time with her friend Anthony Edwards (of Nerds fame…ok fine, of ER fame). Read on…

Shoe4Africa will support the Kiberia Project. Kiberia is a slum in Nairobi with over 1.2 million inhabitants, who live below the standard. Actor Anthony Edwards, famous for his role as Dr. Mark Greene in the television series “ER”, has taken the initiative for this project together with Natalie Portman. The people of Kiberia live packed together on a landfill the size of Central Park. There is no clean water and no sewer system. Many people have no shoes, which leads to worm infections. The mortality rate is dramatically high.

Shoe4Africa is a real non-profit organisation, aiming for more awareness of AIDS in Africa, and particularly in Kenya. They organise running events where people receive education about AIDS and free AIDS tests are offered. To reach the often traditional tribes, free running shoes are handed out and training sessions are organised. With the support of famous athletes, Shoe4Africa is able to convince the Africans of the importance of the fight against AIDS and HIV.

Volunteers from Shoe4Africa will be present at the ING NYC Marathon finish line on November 5th (one day after the actual marathon) where they will collect shoes between seven am and two pm. Both adult and child sizes are welcome.

The collected shoes will be shipped to Nairobi by Shoe4Africa and used in March 2008 at special events in Kiberia.

Always nice to see Natalie using her celebrity for good causes. You can find out more about the organization over here. Thanks to Thierry and Pumpkin.

Jenski sent in some new photos. This single image of Natalie at a museum in Spain (I can’t confirm whether the guy is part of the exhibit or not) and two more images added to the US Open Gallery.

Let’s wrap things up with a new poll, shall we? I don’t know why that came out like a question as you really have no say in the matter.

Vote or Die!

And here are the results of the previous poll:

Natalie and Nathan 38.68% (205 votes)

NatNat 34.91% (185 votes)

Biggie and Smalls 7.55% (40 votes)

Porgle 7.17% (38 votes)

Natpo and Natbo 6.6% (35 votes)

Nathan Portman 2.45% (13 votes)

NatBog 2.08% (11 votes)

What thoroughly boring results!