5 course meal

This update has everything but the kitchen sink.

Last night Natalie gave her talk at Berkeley and by the turn out she’s a freaking rock star. This is what Corey had to say:

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m a Cal student and planned on seeing Nat tonight, but they cut the line off one person in front of me!!!


The auditorium only fits 250 students and by the looks of it there were about 1,000 people waiting in line. As a consolation one of the organizers told me that they were hoping to podcast the event soon.

Ouch, thats gotta hurt.

However Jane Jones did make it in and here’s her mini report:

I went to today’s event! She is such a sweet and funny person. although i was turned down for a picture, she said that she was sorry and she shook my hand. This was the best thing ever! I was still able to get some pictures of her standing directly behind me. I still can’t believe i actually met her! The first time i saw her was at the 2005 comic con and she looked like an ant from where i was sitting. Seeing her up close and personal was surreal. She is so petite and was very friendly. Sorry i wasn’t able to ask if she goes on this site. so much was going on in my head.

BTW, i am not a student at UC Berkeley and i waited 6 hours to see her! i skipped two of my classes and drove an hour to see her. it was all worth it!

Hopefully Jane will send in those photos and we can get some more detailed reports of what went down. If you’re planning to go to Stanford today you better get there EARLY. She’s also going to be at UCLA tomorrow (Oct 3rd) but it has already sold out. Click here to add your name to a standby list. Thanks to Huc and Jessica.


Click here for an article about the Berkeley event and the first photo. Thanks to Jason.

Moving along…

Jen has sent in tons of screen captures from Hotel Chevalier and if you click below you can check them out.

Aside from adding all that, Pasha also made the following additions:

– Larger version of this wonderful FINCA image.

– A tag free version of another FINCA image.

– The Other Boleyn Girl poster, courtesy of Palpatine. Click the image for the super large version.

And now for some random bits of Nat news from all over.

– Gawker has the following entry:

Sep 26th, 2007 @ 9pm

Saw Natalie Portman and Lukas Haas at the Beirut show at the Delacorte Theatre. Her boy friend is cuuuuuuuuute and they seemed to have really enjoyed the band, bopping along the entire time.

I’m going to steal this opportunity to say that Beirut is one of my favourite bands and if Natalie loves them then she has mighty fine taste in deed.

– Some Lainey on Nathan and Natalie.

– Some more Lainey on Nathan and Natalie.

Which makeup suits Natalie best? Thanks to Eve29473.

– Natalie is a part of Global Green USA. Thanks to Eve again.

And finally, Tito sent in this cute piece of fan art.

Ok, I think that about covers it. Although something is still missing. Hmmm…

There, now the update has everything. I’ll be back with a lot more tomorrow.