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Let’s kick things off with a…

Holy Smokes its a new poll!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of Natalie’s tan?

It’s fake and looks awful. 28.49% (159 votes)

It’s fake and looks great. 25.45% (142 votes)

I don’t know if its fake or real. I don’t know if it looks good or bad. I am Swiss. 24.37% (136 votes)

It’s real and looks great. 21.15 (118 votes)

Wow, very close results. Very even…unlike Nat’s tan 😛

Back to the scene of the tanning crime, in this clip Natalie says that Julia Roberts is one of the reasons she got into acting. Thanks to Merl.

Next up, I threw together a filmography page for Natalie’s next film, Brothers. There isn’t much to be said at this point but when filming begins next month we’ll hopefully get some more details.

JenR has never met a Nat capture that she didn’t like and to prove it she sent in approximately 75 000 captures from the special features on the Leon DVD. Thanks to Jen and Pasha for all that uploading.

Pasha also found this new old pic.

Finally, two very different Natalie spotting’s.

Gawker from April:

At Blue & Gold on 7th St. and 1st Avenue on Saturday night, April 1. Natalie Portman showed up and actually stayed for a few hours. People, of course, started texting their friends that a celeb was there, and the bar grew more and more congested. My friend sees a scruffy guy in glasses and goes, “Some smelly scrubby just came in and went straight for Natalie, who does he think he is?” Turns out it was Andy Samberg. Seth Meyers came in too to hang out, very cute and very nice, remembered my name from a previous random meeting. Talked to our favorite bartendress, turns out Natalie didn’t tip for any of her drinks and neither did her other hipster friends that surrounded her all night. And beers are only $3 anyway. Cheapy cheap cheap.

And more recently from Exposay:

Natalie Portman took her new boyfriend on a date to see the Dalai Lama. The ‘Closer’ star went to hear the exiled Tibetan leader speak in New York and took new beau Nathan Bogle with her.

A source said: “They were very low-key but very snuggly with each other too. She had her head on his shoulder most of the time.”

Onlookers also commented Nathan bears a striking resemblance to Natalie’s ex-boyfriend, ‘Babel’ star Gael Garcia Bernal. The former male model also accompanied the 26-year-old to watch the U.S. Open tennis championship last month.

E! also has a blurb on that sighting, with 28% more snark:

Remember how we told you Natalie Portman, that little intellectual jet-setter, went to hear the Dalai Lama speak in New Yawk? We swear, that bitch chose a dude who looks like her last love just to throw us busybodies off the mark. See, Nat was very snuggly during said speech with a guy who surely appeared to be her boyfriend.

“She had her head on his shoulder most of the time,” says our enlightened onlooker. But who was the mystery man doubling as a pillow for Ms. Portman? Although he really looks like N.P.’s ex Gael García Bernal, said studmuffin was actually Nathan Bogle, who’s got similar dark features. The sorta-new twosome were “very low-key” as they listened. Is that what you call doing Dalai, prediddling? Bet it leads to really hot chants.

Thanks to Yui and Eve29473.

That’s it for now.